Wednesday 27 December 2017

A Walk in Penton

It had originally only been Tom and myself that were going on this Penton walk but John's travel arrangements to Cambridgeshire were delayed due to snow in the Midlands so we enjoyed his company for another day. We parked at Pentonbridge Inn as we were going to have a bar lunch there at the end of our walk. The weather was excellent made even better by the thought of all the bad weather south of us in the Midlands.
We have only once before walked in this area. Today we stuck to the roads but for a later date we plan to use many of the lanes and paths between the roads.
Visibility was perfect today and Whita and the monument is the best feature but we could also see Criffel and Burnswark when we looked to the west. 
There were loads of streams and burns with this one called Andrew's Syke the nicest.
This Holly tree has the most berries I have seen in a long time.
I often wondered what Santa does after Christmas but it would appear he drives a digger.

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Tommy said...

An excellent day for a crisp walk.

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