Wednesday 29 September 2021

A Walk Along the Brampton Ridge

Normally on a Wednesday I walk with Tom and The Last of the Summer Wine Walkers but none of them were available today so with the weather for tomorrow looking very wet Mike Tinker and I brought forward our regular Thursday walk and headed to Brampton. This is the Brampton Ridge heading out to Lanercost and the views over the Eden valley are spectacular. 
After the Brampton Ridge we walked through the woods following the Quarry Beck. This is a spectacular walk and it can be a bit muddy in places but was not too bad today.
There are loads of fallen trees along the Beck
This is the spectacular Waterfall on the Quarry Beck
This was one of the muddy areas and I would not like to walk it when the Beck is in flood
Another fallen tree across the Beck. I am pleased to report neither Mike and I ventured to cross it. 
On the outskirts of Lanercost there are 2 bridges crossing the river Irthing. This is the old bridge now closed to traffic. It was built in 1724 at cost of £493.
The very deep pool on the north side of the bridge
The new bridge built in 1962
This is the very unusual sign on the road just before the old bridge. 
Lanercost Priory and the half way point of our walk. We came back a slightly different way and our total distance covered was 6 miles on a very lovely and sunny day. Tomorrow the forecast is so bad I may just stay in bed. 


Sunday 26 September 2021

A Weekend at Cally Palace with Last of the Summer Wine Walkers

Our long awaited get together for The Last of the Summer Wine Walkers was at Cally Palace Hotel in Gatehouse of Fleet. The golfers Tom, David, John, and Alix met at 1.00pm to play this excellent long and difficult course. It was a win for Alix as she played superb and beat the men.
While the golfers were out on the course Martin and I had a walk at the back of the hotel.
The Golf Course from the front of the Hotel

The view from our bedroom.
We had a Champagne reception on Friday evening to celebrate David and Alix's 55th Wedding anniversary. Tom put us all to shame by being so smartly dressed while we were all more casual. 
John and I enjoying a glass of Champagne with Martin & Alix in the background
Alix & David with Tom and Gaye
We were given the Conservatory for our reception and it was perfect.

On Saturday morning 8 of us went to Brighouse Bay near Borgue for a 4.5 mile walk. I once spent a week there in a tent with Langholm Boy's Brigade in July 1966 at our annual Camp. Things have changed since then and there is now a Caravan Site, Log Cabins, and a Golf Course adjoining Brighouse Bay.
The path we were following skirted the golf Course and had a few fairly high cliffs just to keep us on our toes. 
Tom and John enjoying the walk.
Brighouse Bay and an incoming tide.
This was a particular difficult hole on the course with the golfers on the extreme left having to drive across this little inlet. It was a par 3 and two of them made the green but the other two drove into the sea.
Ken, Anne and Sandria watching the golfers.

Laughing at Tom taking the photo
I took this photo and then Tom insisted he would take a photo with me in it. He attempted to get down on his knees and we enjoyed a great laugh at his antics as you can see in the photo above this one. 

While we were walking at Brighouse Bay Eileen, Alix, and Gaye had a walk in the grounds of Cally Palace. This photo taken by Aileen.
Sunday morning after breakfast and a group photo with our face masks, except John who had lost his.
This is the important photo. It has been a great weekend with loads of laughs and good banter. The Hotel and their staff were excellent. We all agreed that this should be the format in the future. It was unfortunate that Peter & Elizabeth and Niall and Elspeth were unable to be with us but hopefully will make it next year. 

Wednesday 15 September 2021

Walking With the Glovers at Threave Castle

Tom and I had our Wednesday walk at Threave Castle and we met John and Marion Glover at Threave Gardens so they could take us round this lovely walk. This is the River Dee that surrounds Threave Island. We arrived at the Gardens early so we could have a quick lunch before meeting John and Marion. It was quickly served and excellent quality.  
Threave Castle which normally would only be reached by a boat ferry so as its closed just now due to Covid-19 we couldn't get any closer. 
The small Ferry
I just love Galloway Cattle and this wee fellow was very cute.
A very imposing Castle
Tom with John and Marion Glover and Charlie their lovely Spaniel.
A group photo.

 The Galloway cattle in a perfect line. After our walk we headed to Kippford where John and Marion have a Caravan and we enjoyed a coffee on their balcony overlooking the Galloway Hills. A perfect end to a perfect day. 

Friday 10 September 2021

Good Friends Visit Us and More Walks

My last morning walk and a circular route round the Golf Course via the Power Station. The Motto of this photo is Let Sleeping Horses Lie.
A great block of Sandstone on the Beach
Brambles everywhere and an excellent crop.
The Power Station on my Wednesday morning walk.
The Power Station from a different approach on my Friday morning walk
The Horses enjoying the morning sun 
Lots of good habitat for wildlife.
On Thursday morning John and Sandria visited us from Edinburgh en route to see Sandria's sister in Huntingdon. While they were with us we fixed up a 75th Birthday holiday treat for John and myself with the girls in North Uist next May. We all celebrated our 70th Birthdays in Orkney so this will be another Island adventure. 
John and Sandria make friends with this young couple on Newbiggin Promenade.
On Wednesday we were joined for the afternoon with Bob and Pam Bowen. Bob and I worked together at Wilson Logistics for a while. He was based in Manchester but we worked on a huge project in Newcastle to ship 2 Submersible Ploughs for laying subsea fibre optic cables to Korea. This involved chartering a vessel to take them to Rotterdam and then on a huge Vessel out to Korea. We did it twice and made a lot more money on the second one than we did on the first one. 
We have enjoyed a week of glorious weather in Northumberland but it was no substitute for spending time with the family in California, where we normally go in September, but a good second best. 

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