Monday 28 December 2009

The Jubilee Bridge

John, Sandria & Tom on the Jubilee Bridge

Boxing Day Walk (Monday Bank Holiday)

John and Sandria joined Tom and Gavin round Potholm for a most enjoyable Boxing Day Bank Holiday walk, and despite the route being very slippy it was a great walk.  

Hannah loves a story

Hannah just loves a story told in Dutch by Opa Han

Opa Han with Leo in the sling

Leo finds this the most comfortable place to have a sleep.

Leo in his Christmas Outfit

Granny Gaye with Leo looking very smart in his new Christmas babygrow.

Monday 14 December 2009

John Buchan Way

For Tom's Birthday Walk we did a 9 mile section of the John Buchan Way which was from near Stobo Castle to Broughton in Tweedsdale. Although very cold and just a little bit wet at the start of the walk it proved to be an excellent choice by Tom and we had a superb walk. We finished up at the small tea room in Broughton for an excellent tea and Sparkling Wine.

Tom's Birthday Walk

Wednesday 9 December 2009

Granny Gaye and Hannah

Hannah wanted this photograph taken on her way back from Nursery this morning.

Hannah in the Nursery Christmas Play

Hannah took part in Benton Primary School Christmas play this morning as a Cow. All her Nursery class were cast as animals and they were very good. They gave the actions as they sang and Hannah knew them all.
Granny and Granddad were very proud of her and all the pupils.

Monday 23 November 2009

Hannah on her Bike

Hannah has suddenly realised that riding as bike is quite easy and now loves going out on it. Note the new boots.

Saturday 21 November 2009

Happy Grandparents


Leo timed his arrival perfectly. It was all over in about 3 hours and Hannah woke up in the morning to discover her new baby brother had arrived. The 2 midwives and 1 trainee midwife were just great and despite our early reservations about a home birth it proved to be just perfect and i am sure Fiona would not have had better support if she had gone into hospital.

Saturday 31 October 2009

Pumpkin Lantern

Granddad had the difficult task of making the lantern, but with a lot of help from Granny he managed to complete it. The wand is a present from Tom.

Hannah at Halloween

Hannah is over at langholm for a few days holiday. As soon as she arrived yesterday she had to go to a Halloween Party where she had a great time.

Monday 28 September 2009

Sandra and Eleanor

Sandra visits Eleanor nearly every day but our lasd day was the only time i managed to get a photo of her with her neice.

Grandma Ward with Eleanor

Leslie's Granny Ward with Eleanor.

Nancy and Eleanor

Nancy just loves to nurse Eleanor so when we were invited to Carlo & Sidne's for a final dinner before we left to go home she soon took over.

Sunday 27 September 2009

Mill Creek Canyon

Picnic at Mill Creek Canyon

Fraser & Leslie decided to take us up to Mill Creek Canyon for a Sunday picnic. It was nice and quiet and an ideal spot for a picnic. Once again Eleanor slept all the time we were there.

Grandad Gavin pushing the stroller

Red Butte Gardens

Beautiful Red Butte Gardens. Eleanor was so well behaved despite the heat being in the upper 80s

Red Butte Gardens

Fraser & Leslie in Red Butte Gardens at the exact spot where they were married in April 2005.

Thursday 24 September 2009

Fraser & Almond

Fraser and Almond near the end of the trail. By this time we were all tired but it had been a very enjoyable hike in beautiful mountains. Almond could hardly get into the car at the end of the walk she was so tired, but of course she had walked many more miles than us and swam quite a distance as well.

Lunch stop at Island lake.

Island Lake Hike in the Uintas Mountains

In the following photographs you will see several of the Lakes we went past and in one of them you will see Almond enjoying a swim. This was a really special day and the scenery was just fantastic.

Island Lake Hike

View Island Lake Hike in a larger map

Fraser, Almond and I went on a hike today to Island Lake in the Uintas Mountains. This was a spectacular walk at an average height of 10,000ft. The weather was glorious and the temperature was in the mid 50s even at 10,000ft. The hike went past 6 lakes and Almond decided to swim in them all.

But Eleanor slept through everything

We left the house at about 12 noon after Eleanor had been fed and she slept most of the time and at 11000ft she never batted an eyelid and was as good as gold. We had lunch back at Snowbird Center and Eleanor slept most of the time on the journey back, but was really hungry and ready for her feed when we got back about 4.00pm.

Even Gaye made it to the top

Gaye was very apprehensive about going up in the Cable Car but she did not look down and made it ok and was delighted she went.

Grahams on Hidden Peak


Fraser took a days holiday today and we all went to Snowbird which is about 45t minutes drive from Salt Lake City. The ski resort is at 8100ft and we took the Cable Car to the top of Hidden Peak which is 11,000ft. The views from the top were amazing and the temperature at the top was about 50F so it was chilly but very clear.

Wednesday 23 September 2009

The Grand Canyon

This was a 600 mile round trip bus journey from Las Vegas, but it was worth it as the Grand Canyon has to be seen to be believed.

This was the shopping entrance to Cesars Palace shopping centre.

Cesars Palace

We visited several of the big hotels and both Gaye and i thought that Cesars Palace was the best of them.
The shopping area looked as if it was outside as the roof was just like an early evening sky and you thought you were shopping outdoors. For me to say this was a wonderful shopping experience must be a real compliment.

Las Vegas

We are just back from 4 nights in Las Vegas and this is the hotel we stayed in the Las Vegas Hilton which used to be the largest hotel in the world.

Friday 18 September 2009

Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Gaye and i visited the Mormon Tabernacle Choir at rehearsals last night in the Tabernacle at Temple Square. Even although it was just a rehearsal there were over 500 people there to see them.

Thursday 17 September 2009

Morning Walk

Morning Walk

This morning Almond and i tackled our toughest walk in the 2 weeks we have been going for our early morning walk.
This is the highest point behind the Avenues area and is about 7000ft above sea level and about 2000ft
above Fraser & Leslies's house. Even at 9.00am it was quite hot and i think i was panting more than Almond but i was really chuffed that we got up as high as the views were just brilliant.

Wednesday 16 September 2009

The Mormon Temple in the Sunset

At the end of our walk we were on our way back to the house when we noticed the sun setting along 2nd Avenue showing the Temple in a bright light.

Graham Family go for a Walk

The Graham family head for a walk with baby Eleanor down D Street in Avenues, Salt Lake City. Even Almond has the name Graham on her Kennel Society Birth Certificate.

Tuesday 15 September 2009

Little Girl in a Green Dress


This Cricket was found on the fence post in the garden.

House at Menden

This is Carlo & Sidne's house taken from their field. The building on the left is Carlo's huge workshop. The house and field etc covers an area of 5 acres so they will be like Crofters when they finally move there.

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