Wednesday 29 January 2020

Tom's Back From Barbados

After 10 days in Barbados staying with David and Alix Tom arrived back yesterday and just felt like a shorter local walk today. On looking at the weather forecast for Canonbie last night we reckoned we would have a 2 hour window of decent weather between 10.00am and noon. The forecast was spot on and the rain came on heavily just as we got back into the car after shopping at The Phone Box in Rowanburn at noon. We managed 5 miles with no rain.
I wanted a nice clean road walk as I had just purchased a new pair of walking boots yesterday so we kept on B roads and then down through the old road past The Fairy Loup. It was a bitterly cold wind and in our face for the first couple of miles but we soon got shelter when we went through the wood. We only met one other walker so the weather looked to be putting most people off.  

Tom Looking well wrapped up but also quite tanned after his holiday

As usual after our local walks we head for Whitshiels Cafe where we are made most welcome. They are just finalising the third Log Cabin and it should be ready for Easter. Its a superb place to stay for a short break. 

Thursday 23 January 2020

Another Walk in Gelt Valley

In the absence of Tom, who is in Barbados for 10 days and has e mailed me twice to say it is raining we headed to Aglionby to walk with Peter. I collected John and Sandria at Carlisle station of the Edinburgh train which arrived bang on time and we had morning coffee and hot scones at Peter and Elizabeth's. 
We left the ladies to go for a short walk to Talkin Tarn and we travelled the short distance to The Gelt Woods near Brampton for a walk along the river Gelt. It is very spectacular with fast flowing water through solid rock riverbed worn smooth in places. 
Very fast flowing channels of water through the rock
With several deep pools
This section has a walkway beside the river, but one slip and you could be in the fast flowing deep water

After our 4 mile walk we met the girls at The Royal Oak at Scotby for an excellent lunch. It was a perfect day in great company and with excellent hospitality from Peter and Elizabeth. We did miss Tom and look forward to having him back with us on our walks soon.

Wednesday 15 January 2020

Another Potholm Walk

Tom decided he had only time today to do a short local walk as he is getting ready to fly off to Barbados on Friday morning. I take him to Carlisle Station at 5.15am for the 6.22am train to Manchester Airport. Its just over a year since we did this walk on New Year's Day 2019 so we thought we should do it again. The wind was on our backs for the first half of the walk but in our face for the second half and it was fierce and cold. 
A selfie on the seat near Potholm farm. 
A good view of the outward section of the walk to Potholm
Tom wanted to do a Tarzan and swing on a vine but it broke. 
At the meeting of the waters in Langholm. His next walk beside water will be on a beach in Barbados. I can look forward to peace and quiet for 10 days and our walk next Wednesday at The Gelt Woods near Brampton will be argument free and nobody will get lost.
There was a Raptor on this tree but it flew away just as I was about to take the photograph.
We enjoyed the walk and finished up at The Buccleuch Centre for a lovely lunch.

Thursday 2 January 2020

Hogmanay Dinner and New Years Day Walk

The Last of the Summer Wine Walkers meet up again for dinner on Hogmanay in The Douglas Hotel. We had drinks at Ardlui prior to this with Champagne kindly provided by David and then finished up at Birkwood to see in the New Year. It was a most enjoyable evening in excellent company. 
New Years Day and instead of an early start to walk round Potholm and finish along with the runners on the New Years Day Whisky run we started as they finished. As Bowman is getting too old for a long walk Alix started later than us and met us near Jenny Nobles to walk back with us. It was timed perfectly and Bowman was delighted to be back with his walking pals and lead the way. 
At the Round House and notice how Bowman has had a real clipping.
Ready for a treat from Alix
At Broomholmshiels and half way 
John and Elspeth

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