Wednesday 30 January 2019

Wind Farm at Longtown

It was just John and me for this weeks Wednesday walk and we headed for Longtown to see the new Wind Farm near Longtown Airfield. We had been walking near Rowanburn a few months ago when an argument took place about the Wind Turbines we could see in the distance and Tom thought it was at Gretna but I said they were at Longtown so I was right. As always when walking in England there is a farmer appears to chase you away and today was no exception. We were on a public road near the Wind Farm but he thought we were going on to his land and he was not suited, but when I explained that I was just going to photograph the Turbines he was OK. It is much easer walking in Scotland as you can go anywhere as long as you are responsible and adhere to the Country Code. Walking was very dangerous as these country roads near Longtown were lethal with ice everywhere.   
Three of the six Turbines. We had originally planned to walk closer to them but the local farmer put paid to that. There are no more photos as it took such an effort just keeping upright on the ice so I couldn't take any more. 

Wednesday 9 January 2019

Beck's Burn Walk and The Curling Pond

This is the old Curling Pond up near the Beck's Burn. You could not Curl on it now but in the early and mid 1900s it was regularly used as a Curling Rink. We must have had far more frosty days then than we do now. Its completely man made so a lot of work must have gone into making it then.  
Just along from the Curling Pond they have planted hundreds of new trees so this will be a great place for wild life in a few years time. 
The purpose of our visit to Beck's was to inspect the walk after it had extensive forestry operations by Buccleuch Estates. There is less mud now than there was a few months ago but there is still work to be done to get the walk back to what it used to be. 
The steps down to the burn. Its ok at the top but down at the bottom of the steps the rail and steps need repairing. 
Broken rail and dangerous steps. I have contacted Buccleuch Forestry and sent them photos. They promised to sort the walk a year ago so they have a bit more to do and if they don't do it I will report them to D & G Council Access Officer.
The bridge over the Beck's Burn. Its a totally different landscape now the trees have been felled
This bridge needs a safety rail

Tuesday 1 January 2019

Happy New Year

We held a Last of the Summer Wine Hogmanay Dinner in The Eskdale Hotel and an enjoyable evening was had by all. We started with Champagne at Birkwood courtesy of David & Alix, who unfortunately due to illness were unable to go to the dinner. The meal was excellent with the exception of a very poor Christmas Pudding that was probably the worst I have ever tasted.  
John and Elizabeth 
Peter and Gaye
Sandria and Tom
In front of Langholm's splendid Christmas Tree 
For many years we have walked round Potholm on New Years morning as part of the Whisky run organised by Mike and Charlie. The runners do the 8 mile Doctors run but we just do the 5 mile walk round Potholm. Everybody sets of at their chosen time to get them into the Market Place by 11.00am so we set off at 9.00am. The weather was glorious and we met this group of Crows having a meeting on our way along the Potholm Road. 
As soon as they heard us coming they were off
The traditional photo on Potholm Bridge 
In the garden of the farmhouse at Potholm were these Snowdrops. I have never seen them as early.
We arrived at the Market Place just before 11.00am with the superb Town Band in good form 
We soon met up with David and the dogs on the second half of the walk as they had gone the opposite way and joined us for a couple of miles. Bowman has had a haircut and is looking very well despite him being 14 this year. We have all walked many miles in his company and he is such a character. 

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