Tuesday 13 February 2024

The Westerhall Snowdrops

I love a visit to Westerhall and this was my first one of 2024 to take photographs of the Snowdrops. They are almost at their peak and the next 2 weeks will be the best time to see them in all their glory. I will visit again in March for the Daffodils and in April and May for the Bluebells and Azaleas, although with a visit to California then I might miss them at their best. 
A lovely avenue of trees with loads of Snowdrops
This is the Westerhall Folly just opposite the big house.

The view of the Benty Bridge from the Westerhall road
Westerhall farmhouse

Westerhall House. While I was walking through the estate there I was passed several times by the gardeners who were busy cutting tree branches and doing various other works. Its so lovely to see an estate so well managed and in such beautiful condition. 

If anybody wishes to view these Snowdrops then park up at Benty Hall and walk through the estate but do not leave the road and keep any dogs on a lead as there are sheep about and will be lambing soon.

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