Monday 23 May 2011

A Weekend in Wales

Over a year ago our friends Doreen and Norman bought this bungalow in the small South Wales village of Pen-Y-Fai and they have spent the last year getting it modernised. They have done a great job and only the garden area is to be completed but with a bit of luck and a good summer this should be finished this year. We took the opportunity to spend a long weekend there and this time we were lucky with the weather as it was very pleasant.

Doreen & Norman's daughter Lindsay with her husband Jon and their dog Bodhi.

We spent Saturday at a Welsh Folk Museum which was real value for money. Free entrance and a superb collection of old Welsh cottages, shops, farm buildings, and a Castle and Gardens.

This was the small garden of an old Welsh Cottage with the old dry toilet at the foot of the garden and of course Gaye would try it out.

Wednesday 18 May 2011

My Birthday Walk

We met this Shetland Pony and her foal on the walk so I am sure everybody will agree this makes a lovely photograph.

Another birthday so another walk. This time we did the 12 mile stage of the Roman Wall walk from Walton to Carlisle. A fairly easy stage without many hills which was just as well as almost 3 weeks of no walking made me a wee bit unfit. By the end of the 12 miles my feet were a bit sore but it was a lovely dry day, although we should have walked it the opposite way as we were walking into a strong wind all day. The day will finish with Dinner at the Buccleuch Centre and then a concert with the Searchers. What more can an old man ask for. Answers on a post card.

Bowman really enjoyed it as well as there were plenty of kissing gates and no stiles so he did not have to be lifted over any of them.

Wednesday 11 May 2011

Mount Etna

We stayed at the Etna Golf Hotel on the lower slopes of Mount Etna but for most of the 5 days we were there we were unable to see the mountain top. Then on the last full day there the clouds cleared and we had this wonderful view of Mount Etna with it's plume of smoke coming from it. The Golf course next to the Hotel is very attractive mostly due to the very fertile soil you find on the lower sloipes of the mountain.


These 2 photos are taken at the Fishing Village of Aci Trezza. It was advertised as a visit to a Village but to be honest it was really a town and not very attractive but the sun shone for the first time in several days so it was very pleasant.

This is the town of Taormina in Sicily and the nicest town of the holiday. It is built on the side of a hill and is 300 Metres above the shore.

The Greek Amphitheatre in Taormina

The old town of Taormina

Tuesday 3 May 2011

Hotel Barbieri

The view from our room balcony. It is a family run hotel and the food last night was just wonderful.

The "Sassi" Caves of Matera

This is a lovely square in Lecce on Sunday and a nice place for a meal.

On Monday we moved from our Hotel to the small mountain town of Altomonte about 200 miles south. On the way there we visited another Unesco World Heritage site the "Sassi" Caves of Matera. These were occupied until the late 50s and early 60s by up to 20,000 people living in absolute poverty. The inhabitants were moved to Council accomodation and then in the 90s the area was given Unesco status. It is ironic but mow the only people who can afford to live in the caves are the wealthy.

Sunday 1 May 2011

Piazza Sant Oronzo

Lecce Cathedral

The local stone is a very soft limestone and this has enabled some very inticate carving to be done on the stonework of the Cathedral

A Day in Lecce

About 90 m inutes from our hotel is the lovely ancient city of Lecce which is nicknamed the Florence of the South. This photograph is taken in Piazzo Sant Oronzo.

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