Monday 8 February 2021

A Perfect Winter's Day for Walking

With us being on Lockdown again I have hardly walked anywhere out of town for weeks except for the odd walk near Canonbie so thats the reason for very few posts on my blog. Today however is the perfect winter's morning for walking and no need to travel as we have it all on our doorstep. My usual morning walk was extended a bit to The North Lodge and The Curly Snake making a total of 4 miles. 
This is along the upper road running parallel with the Lodge walks and for 5 minutes I had to face a blizzard. 
When back on the new path near the meeting of the waters I went right down to the point where Ewes and Esk meet.
The Snowdrops at Holmhead but they are at least a week later this year and are still to open out to give their usual great display.
The view from near North Lodge up the Esk valley

Elizabeth Street this morning and a light covering of snow. 

The old Scots Pines on the Castleholm looking from the meeting of the waters.

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