Wednesday 20 January 2016

The Gates of Eden

We decided on another local walk today as John has some time restrains on his visit this week. Peter chose the walk round the Cushetts as it gives superb views of the Gates of Eden, but it was quite misty this morning so they were not seen at their best. Tom is sunning himself with David in Barbados so he was missed today as we could not have a single argument. 
Looking towards the Gates of Eden but very hazy in the distance. 
The hill on the extreme left is called Golf Hill but none of us knew why.
Message to Tom. Very unfair that he is sunning himself in Barbados while we have snow and ice to contend with. In 5 weeks time I will be doing the same in California so he can do the same to me. 
The big house at Potholm which was originally build by either Mr. Reid or Mr. Taylor who were the founders of the famous but now closed textile mill Reid & Taylor Ltd. Maybe somebody can tell me which one built the house. 

Monday 18 January 2016

A Canonbie Walk followed by Tea and Cakes

Due to an earlier appointment we only met up at 11.00am on Wednesday so a local walk at Canonbie was the plan especially as I was looking at a route for another walk in the Langholm Walks booklet. These steps have been provided by the council on this walk as part of the Core Path Network and it is our intention to incorporate it into the Langholm W.alks network   
The route took us to Rowanburn and then down the old railway line. Buccleuch Estates are felling trees next to the line so a lot of hard core has been put on the old line to enable trucks to collect the timber. They assure me when they are finished the path will be restored and should be much better than before.
One of the big tree felling machines
Next to the Rowanburnfoot road the cleared area has now been replanted with deciduous trees which will eventually be a big improvement. We finished our walk with tea and cakes at the Community Cafe at Canonbie kirk. A pot of tea each plus scone and cake for the 4 of us all came to just under £10 and was superb. The best value for money at any cafe I have ever been to.

Wednesday 6 January 2016

Lost en route to Drinkstone Hill near Hawick

I had to leave early this morning to take Niall and Elspeth to Tweedbank for the Edinburgh train and then on to the airport for their flight back to Australia. This will be the 3rd time they have flown back to their Australian home since September. I met the lads in Hawick for our walk to Drinkstone Hill following a Borders Council walking map and instructions. Either the instructions were wrong or we took a wrong turning somewhere early in the walk because we had a continual argument about where we actually were most of the time. Tom and Peter were following the instructions which seemed at times to be very contradictory but eventually after many discussions and the advise of a horsewoman who complicated matters even more we made it to the top of Drinkstone Hill. The weather kept reasonably dry although there was a slight damp mist most of the time when we were on the higher ground. There was water everywhere and the fields were saturated and the roads running with water.We stopped to have a word with Bill McLaren on our way through Wilton park. 
The river Teviot at Wilton Park
Tom and Peter in deep discussion while John and I head up the hill knowing we were on the right route. 
Crossing the burn proved to be quite difficult 
The end of the road and a difficult burn to cross. Peter has decided to wear Tom's hat which proves that anybody can look silly wearing it. 
Wilton Burn on our way back after a very enjoyable 7 mile walk. We finished up back at the Buccleuch Centre for a a nice lunch. 

Friday 1 January 2016

Hogmanay Safari Dinner and New Years Day Walk

After the success of our VE Day Safari dinner in the summer we decided to do the same for Hogmanay. First port of call was Tom's house for drinks where he was ably assisted by Elizabeth an expert cocktail maker. 
After beautiful starters at Birkwood it was on to Ardlui for the main course and Gaye had excelled herself with a superb meal. 
The sweet course was at Peter and Elizabeth's and this was the excellent sweets on offer. They were quite magnificent and everybody had a bit of everything as they were so good.  
We made it into the Market Place for midnight to discover we were the oldest there by about 40 years. The last time I was in the market place for New Year was in 2000 and there were hundreds more there than this year.  We headed back to Rosevale for a final drink and then agreed to meet at 8.45am for the Whisky Run and our annual walk round Potholm timed to arrive in the Market Place by 11.00am
The gang gathered together at Potholm Bridge with Bowman as usual the star of the show.
At the start of the walk in Buccleuch Square

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