Sunday 26 March 2017

Sunday Lunchtime at Wrights Station Winery

It was suggested by Fraser's neighbour Kelly that we should attend this Winery near Los Gatos on Sunday morning so a very pleasant short drive into the mountains took us to Wrights Station Winery. It was a lovely morning although the sun was not shining.  
We had 7 wines to taste so the time passed very quickly and each one seemed to taste better than the last. Leslie with her neighbours Kelly and Brad and daughter Emily 
Gaye with her first and last wine. 
Elliot enjoying his picnic 
The Graham and Lear family enjoying their wine tasting
The area in between the vines is very wet and in places extremely muddy. The winter in California has been very wet and the road to this winery has been closed several times due to landslips caused by flooding. It is hoped that there will be no more flooding but the snow melt will cause problems as the reservoirs are full and there is record snow levels in the mountains so more flooding might happen. 

Back in San Jose in Time for Soccer

We arrived back in San Jose on Friday evening after an uneventful and very pleasant flight from London Heathrow. After a good nights sleep we were off first thing on Saturday morning to see Eleanor's soccer team the Golden Eagles play a match. They played well but were up against a good team with one girl just superb so lost the match. 
Eleanor and her Golden Eagles team mates
Playing at full back
Gaye with her best friend Elliot enjoy the match from a grandstand seat
This was the welcome party waiting for us on Friday evening.
Eleanor and her friend Mallory learning to Finger Knit with Gaye
This is Eleanor's first attempt at Finger Knitting and she is very proud of her achievement.

Wednesday 22 March 2017

Sandria's Birthday Walk in Eddleston

Sandria chose the village of Eddleston near Peebles for the start of her Birthday Walk. The walk was due to be 7 miles and the weather was supposed to be dry until about 1.00pm but we soon encountered snow and rain and a biting wind into our faces so we returned the way we had come instead of doing the full 7 miles circular route and only did 5 miles. As we arrived back it started to rain even harder so we had made the right decision. 
The Barony Castle Hotel in Eddleston. The reason for coming here was to see the Polish map of Scotland in the grounds of the hotel. 
Information about the map of Scotland

This photo of the map of Scotland was taken from a viewing platform at the southern end of Scotland. Unfortunately it is being repaired at the moment and should have water surrounding it and the snow made the features difficult to see. I also think the platform should be much higher to see the map at its best. I was very disappointed with it and wont be back. 
The features on the left are the Outer Hebrides. It will look better when the sea is put back in.  
In places there was a lot of snow. 
On the way back we passed this Llama in a field near the hotel. It was looking bedraggled and cold and not at all happy.  
The final mile through the woods at least giving us a bit of shelter. We finished the day back in pebbles at Ottos excellent restaurant when we were joined by Ken, Aileen and Martin who were unable to take part in the walk. 

Wednesday 15 March 2017

The Canonbie Umbrella Walk Route

Tom choose todays walk at Canonbie because he wanted to check the route for the Rotary Umbrella Walk on 25th March. We were delighted to meet John Packer as we walked through Canonbie and he took this photo as well as giving us all a lot of cheek.  
As we walked along the bank of the Liddle this bird was seen on a tree on the other side of the river. It was not good for taking a photo as I was looking right into the sun. I think it was a Buzzard. 
John and Peter try a seat on Alastair Davies's seat
Followed by Tom who insisted on having his lunch and of course he was the only one eating as nobody else had brought anything to eat.
The River Esk as it joins the Liddle 
The set of steps at this point down to the river have had to be moved as the riverbank at the old site 20 yards away was being washed away. Hopefully they will be safe here.
Canonbie Kirk where I used to ring the bell occasionally as a boy when I helped my friend Robert Irving
This is just below the Deed Nook Pool where part of the rock Cliff has fallen into the river. Another dry and very pleasant Wednesday walk finished off with lunch in the Whitshiels Cafe back in Langholm.

Wednesday 8 March 2017

Talking our Way Round Talkin

We have been a few times to Talkin Tarn recently but it is such a nice place to walk so we found ourselves there again today. Instead of starting and finishing in Brampton this time we started at the Tarn and headed round it and then on to Brampton along the old disused railway. Tom and I had decided not to argue this week after our problems map reading last week. We came close a few times but managed to eventually agree on the route without John having to intervene. The weather was good and the crack was even better.  
Talkin Tarn which is about a mile round it. We walked round it before setting off for Brampton and in that time we met a lady jogger 4 times as she must have been doing a good few miles.  
Tarn End House Hotel which has been empty since 2004. It was bought from Cumbria County Council in 2009 by a company called Citadel for £450,000. Plans have been submitted for 18 x 2 Bedroom apartments and landscaped gardens and a jetty. The Council received 50 objections to the plans and only one letter of support so maybe they will never happen. Anything would be better than this eyesore in such a lovely place. 
We crossed the Carlisle to Newcastle railway line at Brampton Station. In future I might use it instead of Carlisle when we go to Newcastle on the train as car parking is free and it is so easy to get there. 
There was a train in on its way to Carlisle
In Brampton we stopped for a few minutes rest next to this roadside garden with daffodils and crocuses about to come into full bloom.  
The return path along a very muddy lane next to a nice little wood. We ended with Soup and a drink at the Tarn Cafe and were home by 2.30pm. 

Wednesday 1 March 2017

Out of the World and into Ae

Or walking day commenced with Coffee and Biscuits at the home of Hilary & Les Jack in the village of Ae. Just 3 weeks ago they were guests for the day of Tom, David & Alix in Barbados so we were invited to visit them before our walk. Just as we left the car at 7Stanes it started to rain but not heavily so we headed of on our walk. The Brown route was actually closed due to Forestry Operations but we just ignored that.
This lovely seat is next to the bridge that crosses the River Ae.
And this is the bridge. After crossing this bridge we took a wrong turning and headed for half a mile in the wrong direction. Tom and I argued for a while but it was the good sense of Peter that got us on the correct route again.  
This was the path through the Forest between 2 Forestry roads where the felling operations were happening. It made the path a bit tricky in places but nothing could deter these 3 old men and we managed without too much difficulty
This section of the path was covered in snow and mud but Friar Stothart bringing up the rear had a good stick to help him 
Back onto the river path beside the Ae and a lovely waterfall in the background. It was a lovely walk and we will do it again in the summer as it will be a great place to spot wildlife. Today was the first time for years I had seen a large flock of Lapwings and their "Peewit" cry brought back many happy memories from my early days in Rowanburn when the field behind our house was full of them. 

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