Wednesday 26 April 2023

Celebrating Martin's 80th Birthday on the Diamond Jubilee Path

Martin always researches his Birthday Walk well and this one was his best ever. A lovely 5.5 mile walk from Earlston to Melrose following the Leader river on the 2012 Diamond Jubilee Path. One of the features of the path is the many lovely seats situated on it. This is the best of them and a real pleasure to take a seat on it. There were originally 9 of us planned to do the walk but illness and a sad funeral reduced it down to just 5. It was so enjoyable we may have to do it again. 
The river Leader.
One of the 3 bridges that cross the Tweed at Leaderfoot
There are loads of fences on the walk to protect walkers from the steep drop into the Leader river.
We thought it would be all downhill from Earlston following the river but in actual fact we had to climb on numerous occasions and the height gained on the walk was 750ft.
On the road from Leaderfoot to Melrose there are many displays of the Roman Fort of Trimontium but when you look over the fields where it used to be there seems to be no sign of it. Perhaps viewed from the air the outline might be seen in the ploughed fields.
Birthday boy Martin on the lovely Fox and Squirrel seat. He certainly doesn't look 80.
Anne and Ken on the lovely seat.

Martin and Ken crossing one of the many bridges on the route.
The field where the Roman fort used to be.
The Eildon Hills seen from an unusual angle
Tom the other Octogenarian in the party
Had to have my photo taken on this lovely seat
One of the several viewing points for the Roman Fort
The lower end of the walk down the Leader river

Setting off at the start of the walk
The Leaderfoot Viaduct with the modern road bridge in the background

 The spectacular Leaderfoot Viaduct over the river Tweed. A lovely walk with us finishing up in a Melrose Bistro for a lovely meal. We used the service bus from Melrose to Lauder to reach the start of this linear walk. It was 5.5 miles with a height gain of 750ft. 

Wednesday 19 April 2023

Demainholm Forest Walk

For todays Wednesday Walk with Tom and Niall we headed to Newcastleton for a walk through a Buccleuch Estates forest just south of the village. It's a 3.5 mile walk along first of all a forestry road and then along the fire breaks down to The Tinnis Burn and the old part of the forest. Tom was being very brave and decided to wear shorts, but there was a cold east wind blowing and he certainly felt it. 
Looking down onto the Tinnis Burn
It was a lovely walk but Niall was suffering from a sore neck and back which spoilt it a bit for him.
Lots of storm damage from Storm Arwen almost 17 months ago. Because many of the trees were not mature the cost of clearing them will not be reflected in the money the Estate will get for the timber so they may just be left, but time will tell.
A line of uprooted trees
Next to the Tinnis Burn is the deciduous part of the old forest and this is a lovely area to walk.
There were 2 Deer in this part of the forest but by the time I got my Phone Camera out and focussed they had gone. 

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