Monday 20 March 2023

Mothers Day in Newcastle

We were invited to Newcastle by Fiona at the weekend to spend Mothers Day with the family. On Sunday morning we headed to St. Mary's Isle near Whitley Bay at 8.30am to see the colony of Grey Seals on the island. We had to be off the island by 10.30am as the Causeway would be covered by the tide. It involved a 3 mile round trip walk from the car park to the Causeway on a beautiful morning. 
There were about 80 Grey Seals sunning themselves on the rocks before the tide came right in.
Hannah is an expert when it comes to looking for Hermit Crabs and in no time at all she found one in one of the pools beside the Causeway.
Hannah searching for Hermit Crabs
Daughter and Mother being silly.
St. Mary's Isle Causeway. It was featured not so long ago on an episode of Vera 
Wind Turbines out at sea but they won't last as long as the old Lighthouse
The path back to the car park and if you look carefully you will see a large flock of Geese flying over and making a lot of noise.
Loads of Grey Seals
Hannah and her Mum Fiona looking much more sensible.
The flock of Geese. It was a lovely walk and we were back home by 11.00am for a lovely lunch prepared by Fiona and Mario followed by Cream Scones made by Hannah. Leo was happy to stay at home but he did enjoy the lunch and was good company during it. 

Wednesday 15 March 2023

A Walk on the New Road

For our first Wednesday walk in a while due to Tom's trip to Barbados we went on the new road from Hallpath towards Broomholmshiels. Tom has never walked this road so it was a new experience for him. It gives great views over the town and despite being a little bit muddy in a couple of places its a great walk.
Tom admiring the view or stopping for a rest
Warbla across the valley looking to have much more snow than our side of the valley.

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