Friday 25 September 2020

A Grand Week in Galloway

My morning walk followed this Green Lane and its the best place I have ever seen for brambles with both sides of the lane for half a mile just full of Bramble bushes.
This is Ailsa Craig just out of Loch Ryan. Gaye used to sail out there in a 15ft yacht over 50 years ago. 
This is a young Turnstone taken at Isle of Whithorn

The entrance to Portpatrick Harbour on Wednesday. We had a lovely lunch at The Crown just sitting outside in the sunshine. 
The people on this yacht were at the next table to us for lunch. They had just come over from Ireland for a day out and a nice lunch.

The Confidante is based in Lerwick and is a Survey vessel in Stranraer harbour at the moment. 
The large Portpatrick Hotel which went bust a year ago and rumour has it that it has been sold again, but it's been empty all summer. It mostly catered for bus tour parties and these have been badly missed in Portpatrick. The town is still busy, mostly with visitors from Ireland and unlike many of the small towns in Wigtownshire it is looking good whereas some of the others are really beginning to look in need of care and attention. 
Our Irish visitors heading back home after lunch at The Crown.
Isle of Whithorn which is a lovely village but showing signs of needing some money spent on the properties there. 

On our way back from Isle of Whithorn to Port William we came upon this old church in the middle of a field. It is called Cruggleton Church and was build in the 12th century by Fergus, Lord of Galloway and restored in 1890 for the 3rd Marquess of Bute. There is an ecumenical service held there every September. 
The view from the bedroom window of our holiday cottage
Portpatrick Harbour

Gaye lived in this house in Wigtown for the first 12 years of her life. It is still much the same as it was then. Her next door neighbour was the actor James Robertson Justice. We enjoyed our week in Port William and look forward to staying for another week in Wigtown next May



Thursday 24 September 2020

A visit to Logan Botanical Gardens

On Sunday we visited these gardens in beautiful weather. It’s a fabulous place and it was so warm we had to sit in the shade several times, but that was no hardship as there was loads of beautiful Butterfly’s wherever you looked in the many flowers in full bloom.

A Eucalyptus Tree in the Australian section of the gardens.

Wonderful contrasting colours.

Butterfly’s everywhere

One of the nicest views from our garden seat.

These look like Crocuses but of course it’s autumn not spring.

The entrance to the Gardens lined with Palm trees

Wednesday 16 September 2020

The Chapel Hill Walk at Roberton

The walk today started at Roberton and just near the start is this Eco House which was featured on Grand Designs several years ago. I am told it has changed hands a couple of times since then. 

My guide for the day was Iona Butlin who lives near Roberton. She often helps as a Duty Manager at The Buccleuch Centre but has not been in Langholm since December last year. This is an interesting bridge over The Borthwick Water.

The village of Roberton

The Borthwick Water
The highest point of the walk at Chapel Hill and the route to this Trig point was very tough due to the new plantation of trees. In 10 years time the walk will be impossible. 
The Bridge over The Borthwick Water
The route of our walk from my OS App on my phone.

 Branxholme Easter Loch. It was a lovely walk with superb views and Iona was an excellent guide. It took us 2.5 hours to do the 6.5 miles but I was very tired at the end. 

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