Friday 30 August 2019

Wildcat Creek

At the back of Frasers house in Riverdale Court there is a stream called Wildcat Creek. There has been no water in it all summer but locals tell me that in the winter it flows very fast. There is a path along the Creek which takes you half a mile to a very nice park.

Frasers New House

This is Riverdale Court and is Fraser & Leslie's new house. It's a work in progress as it needs loads doing to it, but they are on the case and working together as a team to get it sorted. We did think it would be ready while we are here but that's not going to happen.
The 4 bedroom house is over 2000 sq ft and has a third of an acre garden
The patio outside the sitting room. There are loads of trees so it's all very shaded. 
This area needs well cleared as there is too much Bamboo 
The side of the house
The kitchen and dining area which will eventually be completely renovated, but not for a while.
The sitting room with an old fireplace which will also eventually be replaced
One of the two bathrooms at the end of the corridor for bedrooms
 Bedroom to be refloored next week and a few other things as well.
Master Bedroom with on suite 
The on-suite Bathroom but still a work in progress
Gaye approves of the purchase and can see the potential after she started a new career designing home improvements last year on our own house in Langholm.

Arrival in California

Over many years I have taken delight in flying on as many different aircraft as possible. It was much easier when I was working but still in retirement I travel extensively. This was the climax in flying for me on an A380 which is the largest passenger aircraft ever built. It was a perfect flight and the most comfortable plane I have ever flown on, apart from an Executive Jet 7 years ago.  
On arrival at Frasers house in San Jose my first job was the school run for Eleanor, Tommy, and Elliot. 
Tommy insisted on wearing his Saltire T Shirt

Wednesday 21 August 2019

A Return to Silloth for Elizabeth after almost 60 years

Elizabeth was delighted to join us for this Wednesday Walk having last been in Silloth about 1962 on a Sunday School Trip. It hasn’t changed that much but was a delightful walk. 

A very high seat

Not the best photo as the sun was shining directly into the camera but Elizabeth was in good company.

Looking over the Solway to Criffell.

Peter going along a flooded lane where we soon had to turn back. The inward half of the journey was very tough as we were walking into a 40mph wind. Silloth was very busy and we couldn’t get lunch in Mrs. Wilson’s or in 2 other pubs on the way home so we abandoned the idea and John 
and I ended up at Whitshiels for a lovely lunch while Peter and Elizabeth went home. It was a lovely walk despite the wind. I should point out this has been posted from my phone as I have a problem with my laptop which will only be resolved when I consult my personal Apple consultant in California. For that reason the photos are not the full size.

Thursday 8 August 2019

John and Ken's Birthday Walk from North Shields to Spanish City.

This Birthday Walk was here because John and Ken are lovers of Dire Straights and their songs about this area. It was logistically tough to organise but we all managed to arrive in Newcastle Central Station within minutes of each other. We then caught the Metro to South Shields and then walked to the Tyne Ferry for the crossing to North Shields. We walked from there to Tynemouth Pier and along the Promenade to Whitley Bay. This is on the 5 minute Ferry with John, Sandria and Craig and Alison.

This statue is in memory of Admiral Lord Collingwood and overlooks the entrance to the Tyne.

Tom and John manning the guns.

Birthday Boys Ken and John on the steps of The Spanish City where we had an excellent meal after our 7 mile walk.

 At Whitley Bay Metro Station with John and Sandria and Tom with his cousin Margaret who lives in North Shields and met us at Tynemouth to walk with us to Whitley Bay. It was a great day with every train, Metro, and Ferry bang on time and the weather was wall to wall sunshine.

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