Thursday 29 September 2016

A Glorious Week in Jersey

We have just returned from a lovely week in Jersey where the weather for 6 out of the 7 days was glorious and the only rain was a short spell on the morning of our last full day there. We flew out on EasyJet and the only reason for this photo is that our case can just be seen travelling on the belt into the hold of the aircraft. This is the only time in my many hundreds of flights over years that I have seen my case being loaded onto the aircraft. 
This was the view from our hotel in there St. Clements area of Jersey and only about 1.5 miles from St. Helier. We arrived at the best time for the tides with High Tide on the first day at about 10.00am and then approx. an hour later each day with it being at 4.00pm on our last full day. The weather was just perfect and I spent most of the time in a pair of shorts and sandals while Gaye was a bit more sensibly dressed.
The small village of Rozel still on the east coast 
We enjoyed a lovely lunch in the Bon Nuit Cafe overlooking this small harbour. 
The Bonn Nuit Cafe from the harbour wall. Our terms at the Samares Hotel was just Bed & Breakfast so we were able to eat at a different place each day and were spoiled by the many excellent cafes and pubs on the Island with Sea Food that was just superb.  
Gaye enjoying a seat in the sun. We have been very fortunate in our last two September holidays as last year we had superb weather on our weeks holiday in the East Neuk of Fife.  
Another day and another beach but this time on the west coast and St Ouen's Bay
This was our favourite place called La Greve de Lecq and we even managed to have a paddle in the sea. It was the warmest day of our holiday and not even a breeze to bother us. 
Six months ago we were paddling in the Pacific in California but the sea was much warmer in Jersey
An afternoon spent in the hotel garden and using the lovely leisure facilities
This is La Corbiere Lighthouse in the south west of the Island in the district of St. Brelade. When we arrived there the siren had just sounded which warned everybody that they had just 15 minutes before the causeway would be covered by the fast incoming tide. We quickly walked over and back and within minutes of our return the sea started to cover the causeway. 
This is just after we finished our walk across 
And this is 5 minutes later 
Our favourite Greve de Lecq on our last day when the weather was not so good. 
Near the hotel was a small island called Green Island that you can only cross to at low tide. This had not been possible for most of our week during the day except for Tuesday before we flew back home. I took advantage after breakfast to scramble over the rocks and walk onto the island as it was 6 hours before high tide. 
The view from Green Island

Thursday 15 September 2016

Loads of Red Squirrels at Eskrigg

There was just 3 of us today and the original intention was to do a walk at Eskdalemuir but the weather forecast for there was not good (Mist) so we decided to go to Eskrigg near Lockerbie and combine a walk with a visit to the Red Squirrels
Within seconds of us arriving at the hide there were several Red Squirrels darting about plus loads of birds on the feeders including a Nuthatch and various Tits. 
This was the closest we got to the Red Squirrel
On the way back to Lockerbie we walked along Sherwood Crescent where in 1988 Pan Am 103 crashed. 

Wednesday 7 September 2016

From Bentpath to Langholm

After the challenges of last Wednesday in Edinburgh it was a much quieter walk today with Niall and I walking 7 miles  from Bentpath to Langholm and Tom joining us at Burnfoot for the remaining 5 miles. The weather was very damp and humid but the rain stopped after half an hour and we arrived home dry but very sweaty. This is taken overlooking The Gates of Eden with Craigcleuch House in the background which Tom has advocated for many years should be turned into an Open Prison. No doubt he has his reasons.  
Niall and myself with James Ewart's Horse Racing circuit in the background. We finished up at the Buccleuch Centre for Coffee and Cake.

Thursday 1 September 2016

The Pentland Ridge for John's Birthday Walk

We headed to Edinburgh for John's Birthday Walk which started at Hillend Ski Slope on the Pentlands. Unfortunately there was one or two last minute absentees due to illness and accidents. Elizabeth has broken her wrist while out walking at the weekend and was due to get a new plaster on it today and Sandria has a bad cold. Hopefully Sandria will be fully fit for her Baltic Cruise this weekend and Elizabeth will take a wee bit longer to recover so we wish her a speedy recovery. We were joined by Elspeth's brother Ron who took this photo.
Edinburgh from lower down on the Pentlands.
The road ahead and some dark clouds forming. We had to cut short the walk and therefore missed one loop but we would have been heading into the wind and rain so decided it was better to have them at our backs instead.
Climbing up to the ridge. Our guest walker Ron is wearing the dark glasses probably to prevent him being dazzled by Martins Jumper. 
Edinburgh and the new Forth Road Bridge in the distance. 
This was our highest point at about 1600ft and it was blowing a gale.  
We had a coffee at the Ski Centre cafe on our return where Tom is trying to work out how to take a photo on his new cheap phone but discovered it does not have a camera.
The Ski Slope and despite the lift working all the time we were there nobody was there to Ski.

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