Monday 28 December 2009

The Jubilee Bridge

John, Sandria & Tom on the Jubilee Bridge

Boxing Day Walk (Monday Bank Holiday)

John and Sandria joined Tom and Gavin round Potholm for a most enjoyable Boxing Day Bank Holiday walk, and despite the route being very slippy it was a great walk.  

Hannah loves a story

Hannah just loves a story told in Dutch by Opa Han

Opa Han with Leo in the sling

Leo finds this the most comfortable place to have a sleep.

Leo in his Christmas Outfit

Granny Gaye with Leo looking very smart in his new Christmas babygrow.

Monday 14 December 2009

John Buchan Way

For Tom's Birthday Walk we did a 9 mile section of the John Buchan Way which was from near Stobo Castle to Broughton in Tweedsdale. Although very cold and just a little bit wet at the start of the walk it proved to be an excellent choice by Tom and we had a superb walk. We finished up at the small tea room in Broughton for an excellent tea and Sparkling Wine.

Tom's Birthday Walk

Wednesday 9 December 2009

Granny Gaye and Hannah

Hannah wanted this photograph taken on her way back from Nursery this morning.

Hannah in the Nursery Christmas Play

Hannah took part in Benton Primary School Christmas play this morning as a Cow. All her Nursery class were cast as animals and they were very good. They gave the actions as they sang and Hannah knew them all.
Granny and Granddad were very proud of her and all the pupils.

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