Wednesday 25 March 2015

The Annandale Way in Lovely Spring Sunshine

What a difference a nice sunny day makes. Spring was in the air today as we headed to Brydekirk to do a section of the Annandale Way. Only John, Tom, and myself today but it was a perfect day for walking. This is the bridge over the Annan at Brydekirk with the most horrible painted pub in Scotland in the background. 

The River Annan just above Brydekirk Bridge
John and Tom and it was not long before the jackets were off.
A footbridge over a tributary of the river Annan
This Golden Retriever had jumped into the river to retrieve a stick thrown in by its owners but unfortunately the stick sank so it refused to come out until they had thrown another stick for it to retrieve.

 We visited an old graveyard at
Hoddom where many of the headstones have the skull and crossbones on them. We are unable to find out the reason for this.
The graveyard near Hoddom Bridge. This old churchyard was associated with St. Mungo and there was a 12-13th Century Church there for many years but it was abandoned in 1815 and now nothing remains of it. 
The Bridge at Hoddom. The walk back on the other side of the river was uneventful and the total distance covered was 6.5 miles

Thursday 19 March 2015

Back From the USA and Walking Again

After 6 weeks in California it was good to get back with the lads and out for a long walk again. I had not seen Tom for 8 weeks and had forgotten how awkward, contrary, and argumentative he can be and boy had I missed that experience. He was at his best today and at times Peter had to keep the peace but it was great fun. Don't ever change Tom we love you just the way you are. The walk was to cover part of the Umbrella walk route which Tom will be leading on 28th March. This is one of my favourite walks especially as It was my idea to promote it as one of the Langholm Walks routes. Canonbie kirk looking beautiful in the spring sunshine.
Peter and Tom on the seat dedicated to my late very good friend Alastair Davies.
Peter threatening to jump over the old railway viaduct on the Liddell. We tried to persuade him to jump but he decided not to bother. 
View from the viaduct 
We were of course trespassing. This is a tight squeeze for Tom. We walked as far as the old Riddings Junction station on the Waverley Line but there is nothing to see now. 
The gang of three. A pleasure to be back walking with the Last of the Summer Winers.

Sunday 15 March 2015

Our Last Full Day in California

As soon as you mention taking a photo Eleanor wants to be in it and Thomas disappears, while Elliot shuts his eyes.
The family at Campbell Farmers Market this morning.
Free samples of Apple
A Mothers Day Necklace for Gaye from Fraser & Leslie
Eleanor on a roundabout with pigtails flying
Elliot and his Mum

Saturday 14 March 2015

On the Beach at Half Moon Bay

Our second last day in California and we headed up the Freeway to a beach near San Francisco, Half Moon Bay which was  very nice and quite quiet when we arrived around 10.00am. Elliot seems to have grown a lot since we arrived.
Eleanor just loves being on the beach.
Some big breakers 
Elliot sleeping and Gaye and Leslie sitting in the shade.
Building sand castles 
Gaye in her Apple T- Shirt which in actual fact is mine. They say an Apple a day keeps the Dr. away well certainly our Apple adventure over here has improved Gaye's health greatly.
Enjoying the beach and of course a wee paddle in the Pacific. 
Go on Gaye it may be cold but good for your feet.
She did it.
No stopping Eleanor though
Three lovely ladies. 
Tommy directing digging operations

Friday 13 March 2015

Our Final Week

We are now on the countdown and in our last week in California. Mostly these are just family as we have had a quiet week enjoying the sunshine and our grandchildren. Elliot is our Superbaby which is quite appropriate as he is just super and hardly ever cries except when he is very hungry.

Story time with Elliot listening as well as Granny Gaye reads 3 stories most evenings.

A neighbours garden which costs her $200 per month just for water.

Elliot and Granny are almost inseparable.
Crazy Hair day at Eleanor's school on Wednesday.
Another neighbour even plants flowers on the pavement or sidewalk as they call it over here.
Dining at Fraser's new office in the small Cafe Mac at Apple.
Playing in the Cafe Mac Garden
Tommy trying to go one better 
Bed time for Elliot having a great conversation with Granddad. 

Monday 9 March 2015

Castle Rock Trail

We start the day with Elliot having some Tummy Time 
We drove for 30 minutes to Castle Rock State Park to do a 2.5 mile trail through the forest. The first mile was uphill and Gaye managed it well without even complaining. Her energy levels are getting much better. 
This was a spectacular trail with some great rocks for people to climb on. This was the smallest one but Eleanor and Thomas managed it fine.
This was a small cave on one of the rock faces
On the Trail
Near the end
In the evening Leslie's friend Emma came round for dinner with Elise and Maxine as her husband was in Japan for Apple.

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