Sunday 23 June 2019

An Eventful Day on Fiddlers Path in Dunkeld

The journey to Dunked for the start of the walk on the Fiddlers Path was marred by Martin's car hitting a Deer a glancing blow and him losing his near side mirror. We think the Deer was uninjured but I have my doubts, although Tom travelling behind us said it ran away.
The Bridge at Dunkeld built by Langholm man Thomas Telford
A posh hotel on the banks of the Tay
Dunkeld Cathedral 
A good photo opportunity. When we got back into Dunked Tom discovered that he had been fined for parking without a ticket so incurred a £30 fine.

Wednesday 5 June 2019

River Esk Walk and a Nasty Fall

Only Tom and me today as everybody else is busy so it was a bus journey to Hollows on the posh Borders Bus and a walk along the Esk to Langholm. Just 5 minutes before I took this photo of the Coll at Hollows Mill I had a very nasty fall as the stone steps down to the riverside were quite slippy after the rain and my feet just shot from underneath me. Luckily I have a lot of padding on my bum so no real damage done I hope, but I am now very sore and my left hand is badly bruised as I tried to save myself. There is a lot more water in the Esk than there was a week ago. 
Gilnockie Tower with scaffolding going up for yet another repair job. 
This section of the walk is almost impassable when the Esk is in flood and we had a few scary moments. Langholm Walks now have permission from Buccleuch Estates to provide a way marked walk between Canonbie and Langholm but several stretches will have to be avoided on instructions from Buccleuch Estates. 
One slip and you would be in the river 
Tom making his way with great care
Near Irving House we came to this barrier so we made our way past it for a few yards to find the path has slipped into the Esk and therefore this section is now impossible and I doubt if it will be repaired. It certainly wont be included in the new walk
A good view of the River Esk from the old A7 road.

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