Wednesday 25 April 2018

A Local Walk and a Good Crack

It was the first walk with David for a while so we kept it local as he was busy before he heads of for a fortnight in Barbados. We were extremely lucky with the weather and brollies were only needed for a very short time. 
Round by the Broomholm and back via The Roon Hoose with a nice lunch in The Buccleuch Centre to finish off.  A very enjoyable walk and we managed to sort out most of Langholm's problems in that time. If only it was that easy. 

Friday 13 April 2018

Final Day at Sitges

Our last full day in Spain and a quiet one for Gaye and I while the rest of the family were at Barcelona Zoo. The sea is still running quite high with huge breakers. We enjoyed a nice walk and a seat by the sea people watching.
Gaye almost fully recovered from her poorly day yesterday
Only Eleanor, Tommy and myself remained free of the bug 
The inevitable selfie
Saying goodbye is never easy but this one was particularly difficult. There were a few tears from Gaye and I when they left. We now have another 6 hours to wait for our flight to NCL tonight.

Wednesday 11 April 2018

A Visit to Montserrat Monastery and Basilica

As Fraser had hired a larger car we headed off to Montserrat Monastery and Basilica which was about a 50 minute drive from our Villa at Sitges. Fiona and the kids and Gaye decided to stay in Sitges as there were just too many hills for Gaye. The first thing we had to do was go up in the cable car which is no problem to the Americans as they use cable cars and ski lifts so often but it had been many years since I was last on one. At the top it was still a lovely warm day and there was lots to see.  
The start of the cable car journey. There is also a rack and pinion railway to the top and when we reached the top we were astonished to find lots of cars there so there must be a road for the people who work there. I think they use a tunnel and road from the other side of the mountain. 

Getting higher

This is the top and the main viewing area with the station for the railway on the left 
The main building and Basilica where at 1.00pm there was a boys choir sang for about 15 minutes 
Looking down the mountain
Thomas, Elliot, and Eleanor sitting in the main square  
The entrance to the Basilica 
The top of the mountain
A rare occasion for Fraser and me to be photographed together. It might be a long time before we are together again 
A small Chapel up the mountain
Elliot and his Granddad
The Funicular Railway from the mountain top. It was an excellent day and one of the best places I have ever been to. We did have a couple of panics during the day with Fraser leaving his rucksack in a cafeteria in the morning and then when we came down the Funicular Eleanor discovered she had left her rucksack at the top. The staff were brilliant and looked after Elliot for a few minutes while Fraser and Eleanor went back up free of charge until I could arrive to collect him.

Sunday 8 April 2018

A Visit to Palace Maricel in Sitges

An easier day with no rail travel and just a walk from our Villa to the town centre in Sitges. We passed this bay nearby where we are staying and it was full of surfers. Leo counted 67 of them. The weather was wet most of the morning but cleared up for our walk to the palace.
The Palace Maricel is in the town centre and we had a guided tour in English with a young guide whose English was good but she had such a quiet voice that Gaye could not hear a word she said and most others struggled as well.

This is on the top floor overlooking the sea. 
Leo and Tommy are great pals.

This three were quite well behaved despite it being a bit boring for them 
On our return home we at last managed a family photograph before Mario heads back to Newcastle as he has to be back at work on Monday.

Friday 6 April 2018

Sagrada Família in Barcelona

An early start from Sitges Railway Station this morning and Gaye is loving having her grandchildren to keep her company, Elliot would not come in the photo as he prefers to keep Granny Gaye to himself. 
Our first view of The Bacilica Sagrada Familia and it was mobbed with people. 
No photos can really do it justice as the light from the Stained Glass Windows is just magnificent 

This was my favourite window but my photo just does not capture the splendour of the light flowing through this window
These three together with Fraser and Leslie and Tommy & Eleanor went up in the lift to the tower while Gaye and I looked after Elliot. They walked down the 400 steps and found it a spectacular experience

Monday 2 April 2018

A Few Hours on the Beach followed by Tapas

A nice morning but not too hot so a couple of hours on the beach was as long as we could suffer before the sand got everywhere. The kids enjoyed themselves though.
Its a lovely beach and kept very clean 
Hannah and Eleanor enjoyed themselves
The beach was followed by Tapas at a restaurant just beside the beach.
The walk home for some of us while the rest came back in the car 
The boys enjoyed a small play park

Arrived in Sitges

We all arrived in Sitges on Saturday, but Fraser and family were delayed by a few hours and then missed a train connection  between the Airport and Sitges so they were very tired when they arrived. Elliot went to bed immediately on arrival and slept almost 14 hours but the rest of them were up very early and had disturbed sleep. I went for a 3 mile walk with Fraser and Leslie and when we got back Elliot was still sleeping.
In the afternoon we headed into the town for a walk along the beach
Hannah & Eleanor braved the sea
The pool was too cold for swimming but good to dip your toes in.
A photo for the family files and the first one of all 5 grandchildren together. It was the start of an Easter Egg Hunt organised by Leo.
Elliot was very pleased with his find.
Eleanor and Leo were the only ones brave enough to go into the pool, although not for very long.
Sunday morning and I went off on my own for a 3 mile walk round the Marina
There were some magnificent boats in the Marina.

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