Friday 27 July 2012

A Surprise Party

We always have friends round on Summer Fair night for a drink after the Flute Band but last night it turned into a surprise Ruby Wedding Party for Gaye and Gavin. Fiona decided it would be a great opportunity to hold this party so with the help of our Best Man John and Niall and Elspeth the surprise was sprung. It was a great night so thanks to everybody for making it so special.

Thursday 26 July 2012

Annual Bowling Match - Weatherstone Clan

This match between Niall and myself and Niall's 2 Son-in-Laws Bruce & Ian has become a tradition so despite the fine drizzle of rain (which soon stopped) we played it again this afternoon. Niall and I were soon 10-0 up but then the boys came onto their game and secured a few shots but the result was never in doubt as the Auld Yins won by 21 shots to 6. The lads are looking forward to 2020 when the think they might just have the edge on us.

Monday 23 July 2012

Common Riding Grandstand - A week early

This was Gaye sitting on the Common Riding Grandstand on Friday. Next week hopefully at the same time it will be packed if the weather is good.

Wednesday 18 July 2012

Cornet at Langholm Initiative

Cornet Elliot was presented with a Border Fine Arts Figurine today on behalf of Langholm Initiative. Chairman David Yarrow photographed with staff and Directors and the Cornet and Right and Left hand men.

Monday 9 July 2012

Kinder Trespass & Canal Walk

The Trespass Trail started in Hayfield and along the terrace where Arthur Lowe of "Dad's Army" was born.

The weather started fine for this tough walk but soon started to rain. The four of us climbed up to the point where the Kinder Trespass was held in April 1932 when over 400 hundred people participated in a mass trespass against the landowners prohibition of acess to the moor. Martin & Tom then decided to do a 4 mile longer route whilst John and I looked at the looming clouds and decided to head back the way we had come. We just arrived back in Hayfield as the heavens opened but poor Martin & Tom were absolutely drenched having been caught in the rain on the very exposed moor.

This signpost indicates the way to the Snake Inn but you would need to be very thirsty to venture that sort of distance just for a drink.

Thursday was a better forecast and we all agreed that a low level walk would be most acceptable so we started from the village of Chinley where our holiday cottage was and set out to do the Peak Forest Tramway Trail and the Peak Forest Canal. The Tramway takes you to Buxworth where it conects to the Canal. The complete walk to the town of Marple is 10 miles and at Marple the canal joins the Macclesfield canal through a series of 16 locks rising 109ft. The above photograph is the Canal Basin in Buxworth.

Although there were no locks on this canal there were plenty of small swing bridges.

Lunch and at last the sun came out although it did not last for long.

The canal basin at Marple where the 2 canals meet

Sunday 8 July 2012

The Railway Trails & Arbor Low

This 10 mile walk followed the routes of the former Cronford and High peak Railway and the Ashbourne to Buxton Railway and is now called the High peak and Tissington Trails. The Harrington Old Signal Box is where the lines meet.

This is Arbor Low is sometimes called The Stonehenge of the North although it bears very little resemblance and is not a patch on the Scottish Stone Circles like Calnish and Brodgar.

The stone circle sits at about 1230ft.

Strange Edge

On Monday we decided to walk Stange Edge which is a 10 mile walk starting in the village of Hathersage and includes a 4 mile ridge walk. Shortly after we commenced the walk it started raining and continued for the rest of the day.

The highest point is High Neb at 1502ft

On the way down the walk takes you past dozens of these Mill Stones or Grindstones. The area is a Mecca for rock climbers.

A Visit to Chatsworth

While the rest of the gang decided to either walk or take the train to New Mill Gaye and I decided we had to visit Chatsworth. Luckily it stayed dry for most of the day.

A Week in the Peak District

The Last of the Summer Wine Walkers
John, Peter, Martin, Tom, and Gavin

With Elizabeth and Sandria who both walked with us up until Tuesday.

Dinner in the Old Hall Inn on Sunday evening. Aileen & Gaye left us on Monday to visit friends.

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