Friday 26 August 2022

Golden Wedding

Some photographs from our wedding in Dumfries on 26th August 1972
My dad was so proud of his new daughter in law. Unfortunately he only lived for 3 years after this but he did enjoy his lovely granddaughter Fiona for a couple of years.
My Best man John. we have been best friends for 64 years after we moved from Rowanburn to Langholm in 1958
Outside the Cairndale Hotel in Dumfries
My cousin Hilary
Gaye's cousin Sheila
Nobody got married in Kilts in those days

Friday 19 August 2022

Looking After Molly Weasley in Newcastle

We have been in Newcastle since Sunday 14th August looking after Fiona's cat Molly Weasley while the family are all in Holland. On Wednesday we visited this old Coal Bing near Crammlington called Northumberlandia. Its on the site of an old Opencast Mine and the bing has been landscaped to form a lovely park. These photos have not uploaded in the order taken but cover the period Monday to Thursday.
From the highest point you can see the pharmaceutical factory of Mercke Sharpe & Dohme (MSD) and over my working life from about 1998 to 2008 I must have visited this factory over 50 times. We flew MSD pharmaceuticals all over the Middle East for 10 years. They were a super customer to deal with and we enjoyed a great relationship with them. The account was with Wilson Logistics (UK)Ltd and then moved with me to EMS Cargo (Carlisle)Ltd.
Another part of Northumberlandia.
We also visited Newbiggin-By-The-Sea and the weather was beautiful. We had spent a week here a year ago and loved the place. When we arrived the beach had just been swept clean by the local council and it was immaculate. The hat Gaye is wearing was bought in Los Gatos California in 2019 for $1 from a charity shop. It has been very useful this summer. 

Another view of MSD. The area where the machines are working is a huge extension of Nortumberlandia where they are going to create another 9Km of walks and plant 88,000 trees.
On Monday we visited St. Mary's Isle near Whitly Bay. There were loads of Starlings about.
Having a paddle at Newbiggin-By-The-Sea.

This rock on the beach was left after the ice age
St. Mary's Lighthouse
From the highest point on Northumberlandia.
Morning Coffee at Cullercoats
The beach at Newbiggin-By-The-Sea 
St Mary's Lighthouse. As the tide was out there were loads of rock pools for kids to look for Crabs in

This is Molly Weasley. It took a couple of days for her to get used to me but now she follows me everywhere. She sleeps at the bottom of our bed and at about 6.00am comes and sits next to me and then purrs for a while while she gets stroked. 
The causeway to St. Mary's Lighthouse with loads of kids exploring the Rock Pools

Another view of Newbiggin-By-The-Sea beach.

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