Thursday 9 December 2021

A Walk Round Potholm after Storm Arwen

It is now 12 days since we had Storm Arwen and life is beginning to get back to normal in Eskdale, although the B709 road from Langholm to Benpath is still officially closed. You can however get through if you take extreme care and it's perfectly OK for walkers. We were planning to go Keswick yesterday for a walk along the old railway line to Threlkeld as it has been reopened after the bad floods of a few years ago. This was postponed due to Storm Barra which delayed John's arrival in Langholm and it was forecast to be very wet in the Lake District. This is a photo of one of the many uprooted trees on the Langfauld but it was fortunate they did not block the road due to the wind coming out of the North East.
A view from the Langfauld across the Esk to the Potholm road
A line of many fallen trees along the Langfauld
John and Tom along the Langfauld

One of the trees covered in moss
This is the B709 road to Bentpath and although the fallen trees have been cleared there are still electricity cables and telephone lines to be cleared from the road plus a lot of debris from the storm.
Tom and John on one of the worst stretches of the road. We finished our walk with a trip through Langholm Rugby Club ground where more damage was evident and then had a lovely lunch at Whitshiels Cafe. A most enjoyable 7 mile walk. 

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