Wednesday 26 October 2016

Gretna Walk to Redkirk and the Shore

Today's walk took us to Gretna and along an old B road to the village of Redkirk where we walked along a country lane down to the Solway shore. We were fortunate to meet Dougie Norden an old school friend of John and myself and he kindly took this photo of the four of us. Peter is putting a brave face on but he has a problem with his knee and was in a lot of pain during the walk but soldiered on like the brave trooper he is. 
Tom goes to great lengths to tell us about this area behind the fence which used to be where the Council recycled rubbish when he worked for them. As usual his commentary was listened to by the 3 of us but not taken in.  
The river Kirtle
A lovely country lane leading to the seashore 
A flock of Geese passing overhead.
Normally at this time of year this lane would be very muddy but the ground was dry and it was a pleasure to walk along it. 
Peter & Tom bringing up the rear
It was difficult walking along the shore and got considerably worse for a short section of the shore when we had to scramble along a very rocky foreshore. 
It looks easy walking but you had to watch where you put your feet as there were many holes and ditches you could fall into. 
Tom scrambling under a barbed wire fence. Once upon a time we would just jump over them but not now. It was a most enjoyable walk and after we finished we headed to Whitsheils Cafe in Langholm for a late lunch. 

Wednesday 12 October 2016

A Walk Round The Black Esk Reservoir

It's not very often David manages to find time to walk with us so it was a real pleasure to have him and the dogs with us today up Eskdalemuir. We chose a walk round The Black Esk Reservoir as it was easier to keep an eye on Ruger who tends to wander off if a Pheasant is disturbed. It was his first time at Black Esk so that was a bonus. It is a nice 5.5 mile walk on forestry road without much climbing so as we get older its becomes very acceptable.  
Did somebody say BISCUIT
Its not a huge reservoir but very remote and we never saw another person the whole walk 
The Dam 
Tom and David with Bowman and Ruger walking along the Dam. We finished up at Edkdalemuir Hub for lunch. We had Tom back in Langholm in time for him to go to Flanders & Swan at the Buccleuch Centre. Just as we got home the rain started so we were very lucky with the weather.

Wednesday 5 October 2016

A Walk from Talkin Tarn to Brampton

A combined age of 280+ years but still managing to do our Wednesday walk. Both Tom and Peter had mobility problems today so we decided on a fairly easy walk from Talkin Tarn to Brampton and back. I am delighted to say that the two invalids are much better and will be walking longer walks soon. We also found a Geocache at the north end of Talkin Tarn which John greeted with much enthusiasm. Tom was the finder of the small cache hanging from a Holly Tree.
Three vandals probably about to throw stones at a passing train.
Brampton Station which is almost a mile from the town.
From Brampton Station into the town we took the route of an old disused railway track. It was flanked on both sides by huge numbers of trees laden with fruit of all kinds and will be of great value to any visiting birds this coming winter. 
A Crab Apple Tree with a lot of lovely looking fruit on it.
Tom admiring the Hawthorn berries 
On our way back to Talkin Tarn we passed this lovely collection of trees on the top of a small hill. After our 2 hour 5 mile walk we had lunch in the nice cafe at Talkin Tarn. A lovely walk with plenty good crack as we had not all been together for a few weeks. Our friends Niall & Elspeth are now en route back to Australia so they will be missing form our Wednesday walks until next April.

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