Wednesday 30 August 2023

Last of the Summer Wine Walkers in Melrose

The plan today was to meet up at Melrose in time to catch the 11.00am bus to Earlston for a special walk down the Leader valley past this the Leaderfoot Viaduct and then finish at Melrose for a nice meal in Marmions Bistro. There was 6 of us walked and then a further 7 for the meal making a total of 13 people. Gaye, Elspeth and Sandria had a grand morning in Melrose visiting Gardens and a lovely Charity Shop. 
Anne, Tom, John, Ken, and Niall stop for a rest at Leaderfoot after a 5 mile walk down the Leader river.
Although it would appear this was a downhill walk down the Leader valley there were several places where we had to climb a fair number of steps on the route.
At the start in Earlston. The walk took us exactly 3 hours and we arrived back in Melrose just as the rest were gathering at the Bistro.
Near the end of the walk at Melrose Abbey after almost 7 miles and ready for something to eat and drink.
A very well carved seat at the half way point where we stopped for a short refreshment.
The 13 of us sit down for an excellent meal. From left Peter, Aileen, Sandria, Niall, Martin, Tom, Anne, Elizabeth, Gaye, Elspeth, Gavin, and Ken. John took the photograph. We have been walking together for many years and pre Covid had many Walking Holidays in Cornwall, Northumberland, Yorkshire, Norfolk, The Roman Wall, The Great Glen, The Cotswolds, Galloway, and the Kintyre Way plus loads of Wednesday walks. 
One of several fields still to be harvested but hopefully this will be done in the next few days as there appears to be good weather coming for a few days.
Peter looking forward to his Sticky Toffee Pudding. Peter and myself have been friends for almost 60 years from when he arrived to work at Reid and Taylor in the mid 60s. We shared an office at R & Ts for 3 years before I moved on and then he went to Border Fine Arts and then back to R & Ts as Production Director. On his retirement about 10 years ago he started walking with us and has enjoyed many holidays and walks with us. I hadn't seen him for a year and it was so nice to get together again. It has been a perfect day and everybody was so happy to meet up again. The meal at Marmions Bistro was excellent and we were so well looked after by the staff. 


Sunday 20 August 2023

First Day Back at School and a Wedding

Last Wednesday our American Grandchildren started school again. This is Tommy who attends Middle School. No uniforms in California and they dress for the heat.
Elliot, Eleanor & Tommy. In front of the new door so it will be a way of measuring their height each year.
Eleanor ready for her first day at High School and is taking up Hockey as a new sport, but will still play Football. When Tommy was in UK and visited Newcastle United ground St James park he made the announcement that it would be called Football now and not Soccer like in USA.
Finally Elliot and he is still at Junior School so its 3 schools to drop them off at every morning, although Eleanor will soon either walk or go on her bike.
This is the photos from last year and this year and I think Elliot has grown the most in the year.
They were only at school for 2 days when they had to take a day off to fly to Utah for a family wedding. Eleanor was a Bridesmaid and Tommy and Elliot were Ushers I think. It's been a hectic month for them all with a trip to Scotland for Fraser and Tommy, a trip to Maui in Hawaii for them all and now a wedding in Utah so back to school and sporting events next week. 

Thursday 3 August 2023

A Kippford to Rockcliffe Walk with the Southwells


We had arranged to meet our friends Doreen and Norman from South Wales at their chalet at Barend near Sandyhills where they are staying for 2 weeks together with their daughter and son in law. The weather forecast was awful but we decided we would still try and get a walk from Kippford to Rockcliffe and back. After we had coffee at the chalet we set out for the walk dressed for wet weather. We were soon casting off various items as it was dry, warm, and muggy, but a perfect walk. We left Gaye and Doreen back at the Chalet to catch up with all the news while Tom and I joined Norman and family for the 4 mile walk. This is the road above Kippford on our way back to the village.  
Rockcliffe at high tide but on a very quiet day
The Ice Cream van is always there and Milo waited patiently for his ice cream.
Norman with daughter Lindsay and her husband Jon
Tom and I have been friends with Norman since the days when he came to Langholm to play rugby for Bryn Wanderers against Langholm 2nds in the mid 70s. Tom used to play against him. He met Gaye's friend Doreen from Dalbeattie who was staying with us and the rest as they say is history.
We had great entertainment watching a couple blow up an inflatable Canoe at Rockcliffe.
When they eventually launched it we all gave them a round of applause
After our meal back at the Chalet this photo was taken by Jon. I will never complain about youngsters spending so much time on their mobiles again.
The Tree of the Year 2021 at Kippford
High Tide at Kippford
The party of walkers, Norman, Lindsay, Jon, and Tom

All 7 of us taken after dinner at the Chalet in Barend. A most enjoyable day in good company.

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