Thursday 15 November 2018

Red Squirrel and a new Walker Except She Cannot Walk Yet

We postponed our Wednesday Walk by 24 hours as early as Monday because of the forecast and what a good decision it turned out to be. The weather was glorious and stayed that way all day. It was a real pleasure to have John's daughter Nicola, husband Matthew and baby Charlotte with us. She stayed awake for the first mile and then fell fast asleep. She was far less trouble than Tom. We started at the Memorial Garden for Pan Am 103 and then headed to Eskrigg to see the Squirrels. 
A much better photo of the group rather than the low level one that I take with the camera on a small tripod and control it from my watch. 
Only one Red Squirrel but it was very entertaining. 
The star of the show Charlotte with Mum and Granddad
A Happy family gathering. 

Thursday 8 November 2018

A Langholm Walk in the Rain (Except it Didn't )

We had decided that this weeks walk weather forecast was so bad we would just do a local Umbrella walk so when we met yesterday at 10.00am we headed off for a 5 mile perimeter walk of Langholm. Two hours later we were finished and in the Buccleuch Centre for lunch having not had a drop of rain. So much for the weather forecast. Only one photograph today as we have been over this area so many times. 

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