Thursday 30 May 2019

Gavin's Birthday Walk at Peebles

My Birthday Walk was round the Glentress Circuit from Peebles and this included mountain bike trails through the forest. As it was English mid-term school holidays it was very busy and occasionally we had to dodge Bikers. Some of them were quite rude but it clearly indicates the route is for both Bikers and Walkers so they will just have to learn better manners. Tom unfortunately had to cancel coming with us at the last minute as he had problems with his bank account and was concerned he had been scammed. This proved to be unfounded, but could have been avoided if the bank had been a bit more considerate.  
This was the view from the forestry road and it was pointed out that there was not one single wind turbine around Peebles unlike Langholm where if the planners get there way there will soon be another 43 of them and each one will be 6 times higher than the Langholm Monument. There seems to be a law for one area and not for others. 
What I like about our walks is we spend time with everybody at different times of the walk and as Elspeth was the only lady on the walk everybody was keen to join her for a mile or more. 
Peter and Ken bringing up the rear and probably talking Politics as per usual. Ken cannot walk and talk at the same time so he is nearly always the tail end charlie.  
Elspeth and Niall enjoying a well earned rest. Their daughter Lorna lives in Peebles so they managed to fit in a visit to see their grandchildren on Tuesday night and met us in Peebles at 10.30am.
Near the 7 Stanes Visitors Centre there are these holiday pods and they all looked to be occupied. This is what I would like to see on the Castleholm at Langholm in the future if we can get it for the community from Buccleuch Estates as they would never do anything about developing holiday accommodation. We managed to finish our walk before the rain came on and had a lovely meal at Ossos on the High Street.

Wednesday 22 May 2019

Bowman Leads the Way

It was just 4 of us on a local short walk today. This was done to please Bowman who is getting a bit elderly and cannot walk too far. It was a very pleasant day as we walked up to Springhill to collect David and the boys and then walk round Gaskells, Skippers Bridge, Round House, and back to The Buccleuch Centre for lunch. We had a couple of rests for Bowman at The Round House and then Langholm Old Bowling Green.

Wednesday 15 May 2019

Another Westwater Walk and a First for John

This must be Tom's favourite walk as he seems to select it every year. We first walked the Westwater valley in April 2015 which was a year or two after they first planted the trees. We walked it again in May 2016 and October 2017. It is growing dramatically but its still a good walk with plenty of wildlife and good views. Maybe it will still be good for a few more years but eventually when the trees mature the views will be spoiled. This was the first time John has walked up this valley.
In the four trips up this valley we have never met another walker and its a lovely area to walk with fairly easy climbs and some spectacular views. 
There are Wind Turbines in every direction. This will be the Turbines at the Craig in the Esk valley 
These Wind Turbines will be at Minska
The trees are growing fast but there are still good views on the other side of the valley. 
This was a lot of Bluebells but they never seem as good in the photograph as they are in real time when you are there. We did almost 6 miles in perfect weather and were back in Langholm by 1.00pm with me going to a meeting at The Buccleuch Centre and Tom and John dining at Whitshiels, where they always get excellent service and good food. 

Wednesday 1 May 2019

A Bluebell Day on a Walk through Westerhall

Once a year we walk through Westerhall Estate just to see the flowers on display. Usually its the Azaleas on display but today it was Bluebells in their splendour. David and Bowman and Ruger had started at Burnfoot and we met them near Westerhall and they walked with us back to Burnfoot as Bowman is getting older and cannot manage the 6.5 miles all the way to Langholm. 
From then on it was nothing but Bluebells with the next 3 photos taken nearer Langholm between Potholm and North Lodge.
The photograph doesn't do it justice as it is much better to just be there.

I reckon another week and then they will start to fade. We finished our walk at The Buccleuch Centre with one of their usual excellent lunches. 

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