Monday 26 December 2016

Christmas Day and a Boxing Day Walk

Santa brought us a Mermaid
and a Star Wars Stormtrooper with a Light Sabre

A Boxing Day walk with John & Tom
Finishing up in the Market Place viewing the storm damage to the Town Christmas Tree blown over by storm Barbara and the Hot Chocolate in the Eskdale

Thursday 15 December 2016

Tom & David's Birthday Walk in Melrose

This was a combined Birthday Walk for both Tom & David and it was a nice and easy 7 mile walk along the Tweed from Melrose to Abbotsford and then back along country roads to Melrose. We had Coffee and Mince Pies on the veranda at the Bistro at Abbotsford as Bowman was not allowed in but they made us very welcome and the weather was beautiful so we did not mind sitting outside.   
Martin and Sandria took the lead but it was not long before Bowman got in front of them and stayed in the front all day. 
Ken and Tom bringing up the rear. Ken finds it hard to talk and walk at the same time so he is often bringing up the rear. Tom of course has no problem walking and talking.
Come on in boys the water is not cold
Well maybe it is a wee bit cold
The Borders Railway bridge over the Tweed at Galashiels 
Tom had to go up onto the bridge to see if their was a train coming so everybody followed and a train sped by just after this photo 
Our walk ended up back at Melrose and we had a lovely late lunch in a nice Bistro

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