Friday 28 July 2023

Common Riding Day

Ready for the first Fair Crying at 9.15 am

Its Langholm Common Riding day and Cornet Christopher Tait carries the flag through the Market Place
Up at the sports field and Tommy has a win on the first race of the day
Our friend Bruce Latimer up from Hastings in Kent
My long time friend John Irving from Edinburgh and his son Craig were down just for the day.
Granny Gaye with her two boys son Fraser and Grandson Tommy
John and Bruce and myself have met at this very spot on Common Riding Day for many years and its 9 years since Fraser was last at the Common Riding.

Wednesday 26 July 2023

Walking and Bowling

This was Tuesday and a nice walk in Upper Tarras valley to show Fraser and Tommy the Tarras Valley Nature Reserve
Tommy never wears anything else but shorts back home in California and intends to do the same here. 
Fraser found time to make 3 loaves of lovely bread just like this one.;
We visited Cooms Farm now owned by TVNR and Tommy enjoyed having a go on the Quad Bike as he often uses the one his granddad has in Utah
Many thanks to William the Shepherd at Cooms for making us so welcome. 
Wednesday morning and a walk round the Pheasant pens and the Curly Snake followed by lunch in The Buccleuch Centre.
After lunch we headed to Langholm Old Bowling green for the annual match Grahams v Weatherstone and for the first time the grandchildren competed as well. Tommy soon got the hang of it and his delivery was excellent.
The 2 families plus Tom who took over from Fraser when he had to go to meet his long time friend Alistair Hutton who he hadn't seen for 9 years.
Another action shot of Tommy
Lochan with a nice delivery as well
Gregor the oldest grandchild playing today. He is a natural sportsman and an excellent tennis player and one of the best of his age group in Scotland having recently won a trophy which had been won by Andy Murray over 20 years ago.
And finally the youngest grandchild Struan who also shows great promise. The result was a narrow win for the Weatherstone family but Tommy reckons he will get revenge next year. A most enjoyable day and we ended up visiting Alistair and his family where Fraser and Tommy played a rather complicated card game resulting in another Graham family defeat. Once again Tommy reckons the return match will see a Graham victory.


Tuesday 25 July 2023

A Visit to Newcastle United at St. James Park

On our way to St James Park we were taken through the grounds of Newcastle University and Leo, Hannah, and Tommy stood beside the statue of Dr, Martin Luther King Jr. commissioned to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Kings visit to accept an Honorary Degree. 
From Level 6 and the East Stand is the lowest one and cannot be increased in height as there are houses just beyond it that are protected so they are unable to build any higher as they would not get any light. 
Tommy very enthusiastic as a Football player and real enthusiast but Leo was not as keen but soon got into the spirit of the visit and really quite enjoyed himself. The pair of them get on very well. 
The pitch is 10% synthetic and 90% grass from a Dutch ryegrass that goes extremely quickly. The grass only lasts for a year and is then re-seeded and grows in less than11 weeks. You will notice the pitch is on a slight slope of about 3 feet from left to right and you can see by the panels at the side of the pitch. 
The highest point in the stadium
In the press room for an after match interview the 2 star players and the manager. 
The north stand
Tommy loving every minute of the time spent there

The manager and 2 star players
One of the 100 private boxes. There are 300 people on a waiting list to get one of them so it could take 30 years before they all get one. Each of the top players gets a hospitality box as part of their contract.
The Visitors changing room which is much smaller than the Home team's and not as comfortable
We finished our day in Newcastle with Fish and Chips beside the sea at Cullercoats on a lovely evening. We then drove back to Langholm while Fiona and family have a day to get ready for a very early Wednesday morning flight to Geneva and then into France.
The best part of the visit according to Tommy was the Home changing room. 

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