Sunday 17 February 2008


Langholm Lodge must be one of the nicest places in the area to see Snowdrops every February and this year the display of Snowdrops among the trees is as nice as i have ever seen.

Tuesday 12 February 2008

Walking in Ogmore Valley

Our big walk on Sunday started at the head of the Ogmore Valley and was a 5 mile ridge walk followed by a very difficult steep drop into another valley. The weather was glorious and it was not long before the pullovers were off and it was shirt sleeves only in super conditions. We had a slight hicup with Norman not looking where he was putting his feet and ended up in a bog with the rest of us laughing at him. The final downhill stretch was very tough for those of us with bad knees and hips but we made it without any serious injury and were glad of the refreshments back in Ogmore at Dave's house.

Doreen and Spike

Spike the Jack Russell terrier is almost 18 years old and has been Doreen's faithful friend for as long as I can remember. Each time in the last few years we go to Wales we think it will be the last time we see him, but loving attention from Doreen and Norman have kept him going. However we all think that he will not last much longer as he is getting frail, but at the same time still full of character. This photo of him and Doreen is a tribute to the wee dog that has given all of us such pleasure over the years.

Welsh Weekend

Gaye and I accompanied by the one and only Tom Stothart headed for Wales at the weekend for the annual Rugby International between Wales and Scotland. We headed south with very little confidence in the Scottish team after they were soundly beaten by France the previous week and Wales had beaten England at Twickenham. It's just as well we dont just go for the rugby but for the excellent hospitality provide by Doreen and Norman in Tondu. As usual the weekend was excellent, spoiled only by the result because Scotland were awful and Wales at times quite brilliant.

The following photos are a record of the walking side of the weekend and not the rugby which all the Scots will do their best to forget.

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