Friday 30 July 2021

Covid-19 Common Riding 2021

Frankie, Tom, & David at the Whita Well
Jubilee Cornet Robin Nixon with wife Ann and sister in law Margaret
Big Deev McVittie leads the horses up to the Castle Craig's
Part of the crowd up at Castle Craig's.
My cousin Susan, Dr. Mark Hallam who recently moved to Langholm and is experiencing his first Common Riding even if it's not the proper one, and of course the one and only Tom Stothart who made a special effort to be up early this morning.
A lovely clear morning with some mist in the hollows.
A bigger crowd at Whita Well
Semi Jubilee Cornet David McVittie and he did a great job.

Tuesday 13 July 2021

Walking With the Southwells at Kippford

It is 2 years since we last saw Doreen and Norman from South Wales when they visited Langholm in 2019 but at long last they are back in Scotland and staying for 3 weeks at Barend near Sandyhills. Gaye and I and Tom Stothart met up with them this morning and after morning Coffee at their Chalet we took off to Rockcliffe to walk the upper footpath to Kippford and then back via the lower footpath.
The weather was glorious and both Rockliffe and Kippford was busy with walkers and bathers
Doreen and Norman's daughter Lindsay was up staying with them for a few days with her husband John.
Gaye with Doreen and Lindsay near Rockcliffe on the lower path

A few years ago I wrote an article for the E & L Advertiser about the walk from Kippford to Rockcliffe and I mentioned this Ice Cream van at Rockcliffe and we were delighted to see it is still there so Lindsay and Tom took advantage of it. 
This is Heston island viewed from Rockcliffe
All 7 of us at the start of the walk with dogs Findlay and Milo
This is Kippford from the upper pathway and the tide is coming in and will be at high tide in another hour.
Tom and Norman and Findlay the dog named after a Scottish Rugby Internationalist Findlay Calder
Gaye on the sea front at Rockcliffe in front of some lovely plants. After our walk we headed back to Barend and had a lovely meal courtesy of Doreen and Lindsay with new potatoes grown by Norman and brought specially for us from Wales.


Wednesday 7 July 2021

A Walk, a Shop, and Lunch in Silloth

I feel very small beside this old gent and his dog on the sea front at Silloth. We headed out here for a nice brisk walk along the sea front while Gaye looked at a Charity Shop in Silloth and came away with a few books. 
A little boy called Tom dangling his legs on the seat. 
This is all that is left of the old Skinburness Hotel which was knocked down a couple of years ago. It used to be a posh hotel but its popularity declined along with that of many coastal hotels when people discovered holidays on the continent. This year Silloth is busier than ever with many enjoying Staycashion Holidays. 
Our visit coincided with High Tide so many of the creeks next to the Grune Peninsular were full with the incoming tide. 
Gaye enjoying a seat in the sun in the gardens between the main street and the Solway.

Almost High tide and the inlets are almost full.
In the background you can just see the Radio Masts at Anthorn

The Solway Firth at Silloth with Criffel on the Scottish side. We enjoyed a nice lunch in Mrs. Wilsons cafe after our walk. 


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