Thursday 14 April 2022

Our First Birthday Walk for 2 Years

Our first Birthday walk for over 2 years. With Niall back from 2 years exile in Australia it was great for us all to be back together again. John was absent due to a sore knee and Niall was limping, also with a sore knee as a result of a fall recently on a walk in Western Australia. He has 2 new hips since we last saw him and those are performing well. It was Martin's Birthday we were celebrating and his planned walks are always interesting. We did this same walk a few years ago and then the route in places was covered in deep snow. 
Crossing the River Tweed.

Neidpath Castle next to the River Tweed

A gradual climb up the hill. Niall did well despite his sore knee.

Tom stops to talk to Ken and have a breather. He is still recovering from COVID and was very tired by the time we got to the top but his recovery was quick for the downhill section of the walk.

Among the Gorse. 

There were places where the path was difficult due to the amount of gorse 

Peebles lies below us. An excellent walk in good company.

Sunday 10 April 2022

Our 50th Wedding Anniversary (Early) and a Family Visit

The Graham Family on the day they departed back to California.
Making my Speech at the Wedding Anniversary Afternoon Tea in The Buccleuch Centre
Out for a walk with Gaye
Our 5 Grandchildren, Hannah, Eleanor, Leo, Thomas, and Elliot.
Eleanor, Thomas, and Elliot out playing Soccer on Thursday evening with local Club
Mother & Daughter
Brothers in Law
Our Best Man John making his speech.
The Graham and Weatherstone families together.
The MacDiarmid Memorial and a lovely walk to the Monument
49 years and 8 months married. We will have a very quiet function in August.
Father, Son and Daughter at the Monument

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