Thursday 29 September 2011

Back into the Walking Routine

At long last we are back in the Wednesday walking routine after all my travels. Last week the "Last of the Summer Wine" walkers had sponsored a Lecture at the Buccleuch Centre called "Ribbon of Wildness" about Scotland's watershed. Tom therefore decided we should walk the first part of it at Peel Fell on the Border near Northumberland. We headed off to Keilder on a beautiful morning. Tom thought it would be a 6 mile walk with a fairly steep climb. It tuned out to be a 10 mile walk climbing almost to 2000ft and 4 miles of it were on a bog with the going very difficult. It was however a superb day's walking, but we were all extremely tired at the finish and my hips will be sore for a few days. This photograph is taken at the Reivers Stane on the way to Peel Fell

Tuesday 20 September 2011

Coastal Erosion

 The village of Aldbrough is about 2.5 miles from the sea but 10 years ago it would be about 3 miles from the sea and 100 years ago it was about 5 miles. The erosion seems to be happening at a greater speed than ever and you can see from the above photo that the road now comes to a dead end. but it used to go for a further half mile a few years ago. There are several cottages, holiday huts and even bungalows along this road that will slip into the sea in the next few years.
By the end of the coming winter it is highly likely that these caravans will have to be moved before they slip into the sea. 

Visit to Hull

 Lunch at the Humber Bridge just before we came home. Auntie Eileen in the middle flanked by daughters Lesley & Stella. Unfortunately I managed to cut Colin out of the photograph so my apologies Colin.
 Lesley, Colin, & Gaye outside The Deep near the marina in Hull.
Auntie Brenda with Lesley & Colin on our visit to Aldbrough on the Yorkshire Coast

Craig irving's Wedding

 Three days after arriving back from Utah we headed off to Lincolnshire for the wedding of Craig and Alison. Despite two hours stuck on the A1(M) on Friday afternoon we made it to Lincolnshire to stay with friends Stewart & Carol. We were much luckier than John Irving and other wedding guests travelling down from Edinburgh as they were stuck on the motorway for up to 5 hours on Friday afternoon. The wedding however went very well and the weather was quite good and especially for the photos. They were a lovely happy couple and made everybody present feel very welcome.
 John and Annette with the Bride & Groom

Gaye and Gavin outside Carol & Stewart's house in Metheringham.

Sunday 11 September 2011

Tuesday 6 September 2011

Thomas Gavin Graham

This wee boy is an absolute smasher and smiles all day

Sunday 4 September 2011

The Casch Valley - Northern Utah

Despite there being virtually no rain for the last 3 months this area in the centre of the valley is very marshy and is a stopping off place for many migratory birds on their way to and from Canada. This valley has as it's main town a place called Logan pop. 50k and it is hoped that the marshy area between it and Mendon will stop further development of housing.


 Fraser with Thomas at our picnic on the Logan river on Saturday afternoon.
The view from the back of Carlo & Sidne's House.

Thursday 1 September 2011

Bear River Lodge

 This is the Lodge we stayed in for our 2 night break. Bear River is about 8000ft up in the Uinta Mountains.
 Great fun but boy was I sore by the end of the day. Fraser and I covered about 30 miles on these ATVs
 Leslie & Fraser
 Lily Lake which is stocked with loads of trout. They actually drop them into the lake from an aircraft every summer.
 Gaye and Fraser. They only went a short distance and this is about the only time Gaye smiled.
Leslie with Eleanor on the pool.

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