Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Another Potholm Walk

Tom decided he had only time today to do a short local walk as he is getting ready to fly off to Barbados on Friday morning. I take him to Carlisle Station at 5.15am for the 6.22am train to Manchester Airport. Its just over a year since we did this walk on New Year's Day 2019 so we thought we should do it again. The wind was on our backs for the first half of the walk but in our face for the second half and it was fierce and cold. 
A selfie on the seat near Potholm farm. 
A good view of the outward section of the walk to Potholm
Tom wanted to do a Tarzan and swing on a vine but it broke. 
At the meeting of the waters in Langholm. His next walk beside water will be on a beach in Barbados. I can look forward to peace and quiet for 10 days and our walk next Wednesday at The Gelt Woods near Brampton will be argument free and nobody will get lost.
There was a Raptor on this tree but it flew away just as I was about to take the photograph.
We enjoyed the walk and finished up at The Buccleuch Centre for a lovely lunch.

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