Wednesday 6 December 2017

A Visit to Sycamore Gap on The Roman Wall

The forecast for today was rain from 1.00pm in the area we were walking near Haltwhistle so we headed off early and had started our walk by 10.00am.  
The start of our walk from Steel Rigg on The Roman Wall involved a couple of steep climbs
The view from the top was spectacular but it was a dark day so the light was very poor for photos.
This is the start of the steep cliffs on the eastern side of the wall
This is the famous Sycamore Gap
Three Merry Men waiting for Robin Hood to appear 
Two of Robin Hood's gang
More cliffs on the eastern side of the wall 
One of the Loughs next to the Wall
A view of The Lough looking from East to West with the Wall at the top of the cliffs
Sycamore Gap from the other side
Todays route although we reduced the walk by about 3 miles to 5 miles in view of the impending rain. We ended up at The Sill which is a new Visitor Centre and Youth Hostel. We had soup and a sandwhich plus a drink and it came to £36 for the 4 of us which we all thought was a bit expensive as it was nice but not very well presented and had no extras.

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