Wednesday 4 November 2015

Autumn Watch at Caerlaverock

Last week the weather was so wet we only were able to have an Umbrella Walk round Potholm and no photographs were taken as it was so wet. Today the weather was dull but dry as we headed for Caerlaverock Reserve for a 6 mile walk along the shore and past the Castle. The BBC are filming Autumn Watch from here so it is very busy and the car park was almost full by the the time we arrived at 10.30am. These are all the outside broadcast units but as it was so busy we did not venture into the reserve prior to our walk and we decided to lunch at the castle as the cafe here was too busy.
The lane taking us to the shore and the Merse. 
There is very little colour in the hedgerows at this time of year but this Gorse bush was an oasis of colour in the hedge. 
Caerlaverock Castle where we had an excellent lunch.
Barnacle Geese in one of the many fields. We are told there are 41,000 of them wintering here this year. 

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