Wednesday 25 November 2015

A Walk round Canonbie

After our wet Umbrella Walk to Broomholmshiels and the Laverock Bird Hide last week we were back to a nice day for walking today. Because of time restraints it had to be a short morning walk so we headed for Canonbie to do a 5 mile road walk round the village. We headed towards Rowanburn and then turned left at the top of The Cut where John's grandmother was brought up. This is the view from this road towards Whita Hill.
Gilnockie School and now a private residence
Gilnockie Hall which is still used now and again for social events
Gilnockie Station and now the home of Kirsteen Davies
On the road down from Gilnockie to Hollows there is a new plantation of trees. Tom insisted that we inspect them so that we can come back in 30 years time to take another photograph to see how they have developed. When Tom gets an idea in his head we have to humour him but I don't think we will be back in 30 years time.  
Tom inspects the trees. 
At Hollows Mill the Archimedes Screw is now in operation providing power to the mill and in times of surplus to the National Grid. This photograph is taken from Hollows Bridge.

Todays walkers
At the Hollows Bridge we met Arthur Irving who was doing his bit for the community in keeping the bridge tidy. He does the same at Canonbie Bridge on a regular basis.  
Back on the high road from Hollows to Canonbie we passed the old Free Kirk which has now been converted into 2 flats with each of them on the market at £500,000. I have a feeling they will never sell at that price but time will tell. 
When I got up this morning this was the red sky at sunrise which usually is a sign of bad weather but maybe that is for tomorrow as today has been excellent
From the new plantation we inspected this is the view towards Brockwoodlees and it is rather nice but once the trees grow up it will disappear. 

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Tommy said...

Good to see the Archimedes screw in action. There should be one at Pool Corner too.

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