Tuesday 1 June 2021

A Visit to Beamish and a stay in Newcastle

It is 19 months since we visited Fiona and family in Newcastle so the plan for this visit was to meet them at Beamish on Sunday and then travel to High Heaton to stay a couple of nights with them. It went like clockwork and we all arrived at Beamish within 5 minutes of each other. Its a 4 mile walk right round the place and Gaye managed to do this at her own pace. She is here crossing the railway line. Thanks to Hannah for keeping her company all afternoon.
This was a real treat for me to see them washing down the Shire Horses after they had been ploughing a field. It is what my father would do in the 30s when he worked for the Duchess of Gloucester looking after the Hunter Horses and then eventually Steeplechasers.

These were 2 beautiful Greys
The Town Centre at Beamish where the Girls visited the Bakers and Leo the Sweet Shop
This was Leo's favourite shop
Beamish Railway Station but no trains were working today.
After Sundays trip to Beamish I went on Monday for a walk along the Waggonways and then to Paddy Freemans Park where I met this family of Swans in the pond. 
The Waggonways are alive with Hawthorn Blossom at the moment.
Sunday evening and Mario has provided us with a BBQ which was excellent and despite concerns about whether the chicken was fully cooked we have all survived.
A Waterfall in Jesmond Dene
Thes Scooters are regularly hired by students to get about the city.
The Armstrong Bridge

The gentle flowing burn that goes through Jesmond Dean
A spectacular bridge covered in ivy. It really is a lovely place to walk.

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The bridge is wonderful indeed.

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