Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Walking With the Glovers at Threave Castle

Tom and I had our Wednesday walk at Threave Castle and we met John and Marion Glover at Threave Gardens so they could take us round this lovely walk. This is the River Dee that surrounds Threave Island. We arrived at the Gardens early so we could have a quick lunch before meeting John and Marion. It was quickly served and excellent quality.  
Threave Castle which normally would only be reached by a boat ferry so as its closed just now due to Covid-19 we couldn't get any closer. 
The small Ferry
I just love Galloway Cattle and this wee fellow was very cute.
A very imposing Castle
Tom with John and Marion Glover and Charlie their lovely Spaniel.
A group photo.

 The Galloway cattle in a perfect line. After our walk we headed to Kippford where John and Marion have a Caravan and we enjoyed a coffee on their balcony overlooking the Galloway Hills. A perfect end to a perfect day. 

Friday, 10 September 2021

Good Friends Visit Us and More Walks

My last morning walk and a circular route round the Golf Course via the Power Station. The Motto of this photo is Let Sleeping Horses Lie.
A great block of Sandstone on the Beach
Brambles everywhere and an excellent crop.
The Power Station on my Wednesday morning walk.
The Power Station from a different approach on my Friday morning walk
The Horses enjoying the morning sun 
Lots of good habitat for wildlife.
On Thursday morning John and Sandria visited us from Edinburgh en route to see Sandria's sister in Huntingdon. While they were with us we fixed up a 75th Birthday holiday treat for John and myself with the girls in North Uist next May. We all celebrated our 70th Birthdays in Orkney so this will be another Island adventure. 
John and Sandria make friends with this young couple on Newbiggin Promenade.
On Wednesday we were joined for the afternoon with Bob and Pam Bowen. Bob and I worked together at Wilson Logistics for a while. He was based in Manchester but we worked on a huge project in Newcastle to ship 2 Submersible Ploughs for laying subsea fibre optic cables to Korea. This involved chartering a vessel to take them to Rotterdam and then on a huge Vessel out to Korea. We did it twice and made a lot more money on the second one than we did on the first one. 
We have enjoyed a week of glorious weather in Northumberland but it was no substitute for spending time with the family in California, where we normally go in September, but a good second best. 

Tuesday, 7 September 2021

A Visit to Holy Isle and Alnwick and then a Promenade Walk

Its 5 years since we last visited Holy Isle and then we stayed overnight. Today we arrived at 10.30am thinking it would be fairly quiet as the schools started in Northumberland today. It was mobbed and the causeway would close at 1.45pm but when we left at 12.46pm there were still people coming over. I am willing to bet there were people stranded today.
There were Starlings everywhere.
The harbour area with the ruined Abbey behind. 
The main street.
Upturned boats now used as sheds.

Lindisfarne Castle but we did not go along there as there were just too many people. 

Gaye enjoying a seat beside the harbour but she had forgotten Suntan lotion and was in danger of burning so we did not linger for long. 

On our way back we stopped for a walk round Alnwick and Gaye managed to buy something at a Charity shop so was very happy. 
Back home in Newbiggin I finished off the day with a 3 mile promenade walk. The beautiful Sailing Yacht was anchored in the bay.
Looks like they had come to rescue the young couple stranded on the breakwater 
High tide and this fisherman was having no luck.

More Starlings. At night they seem to roost in the big church on the headland.
Newbiggin-by-the-Sea Bay
The Crew having a swim.

Monday, 6 September 2021

Day 2 and 3 in Newbiggin-by-the-Sea

A visit to Amble on Sunday to see the Market next to the Harbour. The tide was almost fully in so there was plenty going on. We enjoyed a Coffee and a Crab Sandwich.
My walk on Monday morning and the inshore Lifeboat had just arrived back from a trip to sea.
Monday morning walk along the Coastal Path south and some spectacular cliffs
Amble harbour on Sunday afternoon
More cliffs on my Monday morning walk
Newbiggin harbour area at low tide
The estuary of the river Aln on Sunday afternoon at high tide
 Our new Toyota Yaris Hybrid parked next to the Beach at Alnmouth

Gaye enjoying her Coffee and Crab Sandwich at Amble
Some Poppies in the sand on my Monday morning walk

Market Stalls at Amble


Sunday, 5 September 2021

Our First 24 Hours in Newbiggin-by-the-Sea

We arrived on Saturday afternoon and within an hour I was walking along the 1 mile promenade and then back along there shoreline of the beach. 
It is a really nice promenade and the houses are not fancy but look nice and affordable. In The Times last weekend Newbiggin-by-the-Sea was described as one of the most affordable seaside places in England, although that will push prices up.
This is a most unusual statue of a young couple looking out to sea. 
Looking across to the Maritime Centre and the Church
Just off the promenade is a lovely central area with cafe's and a Bandstand
A smaller version of the sea statue beside the promenade.
Sunday morning and after breakfast I am off for a walk beside the Golf Course and Caravan park
It's low tide and this fisherman is trying his luck from the rocks. No coastal erosion here.
In the distance at the furthermost end of the Golf Course is a Power Station
No beach looks it's best at low tide but when the tide is in this will be quite nice.

The path next to the Caravan Site but it petered out and I had to turn back and then go along by the Golf Course.
The Golf Clubhouse. There were loads of Golfers on the course this morning so its very popular. I am not a golfer but it looked a bit dull compared to some of the Links courses in Scotland. 
The rocky foreshore
Another view of the Power Station
The beach next to the Power Station

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