Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Heading East to Wilton Park Hawick

When planning a nice easy walk to suite Tom we originally thought Eskdalemuir from the Hub to Samye Ling and back but the weather forecast was terrible so we headed east to Hawick and a walk round Wilton Park. It stayed dry although it was very dull and when we got back to Langholm it was still raining so we made a good choice. The park has benefitted recently from a massive injection of money and it really is a nice place to spend an afternoon and have a walk. It will be much better when the new cafe is open.
The new bandstand is a great place to enjoy music during the summer months if the weather is decent
Wilton Museum and some great exhibitions on Hawick's two famous motor cyclists Guthrie and Hislop
The river Teviot with autumn colours beginning to show
The new bridge to the park with the Cafe still empty but hopefully will be open soon. 

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

70s Reunion

Everybody on this photo was born in 1947 and went to Langholm Academy. This was our first ever school reunion which was held in The Buccleuch Centre on Thursday 7th September 2017. It was organised by myself and Jane and Joyce who were over here on holiday from Australia and Canada. It was a great occasion and we all soon remember faces from over 50 years ago.
Eric Beattie, Robin Wilson, Ron Tait, Jane Paisley
Eileen Hawthorn, Anne Barnfather, Elizabeth Handley, Jean Corrie.
Sheila Thorburn, Ethel Warwick, Joyce Patterson, Marion Devlin, Margaret Barbour, Shirley Hotson
Arthur Campbell, Dan Davidson, Chick Earsman, Jackie Middlemas, Ian Borthwick, Barbara Mitchell, Judith Earsman, Joyce Davidson, Maria Campbell.
Sporty, Barbara Mitchell, Judith Earsman, Joyce Davidson, Maria Campbell, Arthur Campbell, Dan Davidson, Chick Earsman, Jackie Middlemas 
Eric Beattie, Robin Wilson, Ron Tait
Billy Steele and Alan Stevenson 
Joyce Patterson, Marion Devlin, Anne Barnfather
Barbara Mitchell, Judith Earsman, Joyce Davidson
Sheila Carson, Sheila Thorburn, Ethel Warwick
Joyce Patterson, Gavin Graham, Jane Paisley

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

A Walk Across Edinburgh for John's 70th Birthday Walk

This was quite a logistical exercise to get everybody to the start at John's house near The Merchants Golf Course in Edinburgh but it worked perfectly. The plan was to walk approx. 8.5 miles across Edinburgh to Sandria's house in Portobello. The only missing Last of the Summer Wine Walker was Tom who is still recuperating from his operation. He was sorely missed. The weather was perfect and John was a smashing guide with occasional help from Martin. 
The walk was mainly downhill after an initial climb to the summit of Easter Craiglockhart Hill which gave us superb views over Edinburgh. 
The view of Edinburgh from the top of the hill. 
We soon reached the Union canal and walked along it for over a mile to where it ended and this is the Leamington Lift Bridge. 
The next stage after a Coffee stop in Bruntfield where purely by chance we ran into Gaye and Aileen out shopping instead of walking with us, was Bruntsfield Links. 
After passing the Royal Commonwealth Pool we headed past this building which is where Martin used to work for Scottish Widows and it is now owned by Lloyds Bank.  
This is a small loch in Figgate Park with Arthurs Seat in the background seen from the opposite side from the more popular photos of Arthurs Seat.

One of the boats that takes tourists on the Union Canal. 
A Victorian Post Box we passed by but unfortunately I cannot remember exactly where we saw it. 
This is the entrance to The Innocent Railway Tunnel on the Innocent Railway Line. It goes under Holyrood Park and it was the first railway tunnel in the UK built in 1845. The railway line was 9 miles long and it was used originally to move coal from the mines of Lothian to Edinburgh. It was named The Innocent Railway due to its safety record. It carried 300 thousand to 400 thousand passengers a year without fatalities. It closed in 1968.
The 517 metre long tunnel 
This is the house where Prince Charles Edward Stuart held his Council of War before the Battle of Prestonpans in 1745.
In Figgate Park there is this attractive Mural under a bridge on the small burn that flows through the park. The light was not good for the photo but it is very good. 
Martin shows us how strong he is by lifting this sculptured wheelset commissioned by Virgin Trains. It has been a superb walk and at the end we were treated to a lovely buffet provided by Sandria.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Walking The Queensferry Crossing

We have been very lucky first of all winning a place in the 50,000 people selected to walk The Queensferry Crossing this weekend out of 250,000 applications and secondly in being allocated today with such glorious weather. It has been an excellent day brilliantly organised with a special mention to the Crossing Ambassadors who helped make the day so special. 
Gaye soon had her coat off as it was so warm 

The coat is now off 

This is a brilliant bridge and because of the special side panels the wind will not affect the traffic therefore is should never have to close in high winds. 
You can see the side panels there to deflect the wind

A view of the new bridge from the bus taking us back over the old one on our journey back to the transport hub. We are delighted to advise that we have raised almost £200 for The Buccleuch Centre.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Hannah and the Dogs

Our Granddaughter Hannah loves dogs but unfortunately her brother Leo is very frightened of them so when an opportunity came up yesterday for a walk with David's dogs Bowman and Ruger she jumped at the chance but Leo preferred to stay with Granny. This was another walk with Tom after his recent big operation to get him back walking on a regular basis and today it would be 2.5 miles. 
Ruger is full of energy and can smell a biscuit in your pocket from a distance. 
Bowman likes to walk in front and lead the way and stayed beside Hannah most of the walk
Time for a rest at the Round House
The official walk photo with the dogs facing the right way
Hannah was in her element and loved every minute she was with the dogs
Leading Ruger for the last stage of the walk

Friday, 25 August 2017

The Shawl at Leyburn in Wensleydale

It's our second day in Reeth and Bob is taking me this morning on a 6 mile walk called The Leyburn Shawl. It starts at Leyburn and heads up Wensleydale on a limestone escarpment called the Shawl and then crosses for the return on the other side of the Dale.

This is the path we take from Leyburn looking backwards with The Wensleydale valley on our right.

The view looking down into Wensleydale with Pencil Crags in the distance.
This was the engine room for the Keld Heads Smelt Mill

The walk now passes through lovely open fields with the Wensleydale Railway passing through them

A lovely downhill section through grassy fields into the valley bottom
The Village green in Wensley

Wensley church
This is Low Wood Lane an ancient track leading up from the river Ure to Leyburn. Used as a footpath it is very difficult walking on this surface but it must have been used for hundreds of years. 
After finishing our walk we headed to The  Tennants Auction House for lunch with the girls who were there to see what was being auctioned today. On the way back over the moor to Reeth we saw loads of Grouse but this was the only one I managed to photograph.
A superb walk with plenty to see and well signposted.

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